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Blow on it 3 times.if that did not work then try taking the ds card out of your ds and put It under a tap!hope this helps :-)

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How can you fix a broken Nintendo ds card?

you can't. you either have to get a new game, or go without. sorry.

How can I fix a broken Nintendo DS action replay?

It depends. How is it broken?

Can Gamestop fix a broken game and can you trade in a broken game to Gamestop?

They won't fix your game, but they will take a broken game. They just give you a refurb fee.

How do you fix a DS that's wires are broken?

i have a similar problem

Can someone tell you how to fix your DS if your DS will not play DS games?

this is the EXACT same problem my friend had.. The answer.. it's just broken.. :( but you can send it in to Nintendo they'll fix it

How do you fix a ds button?

i would try blowing on and around the broken ds button. if that does not work i would call Nintendo ds customer service and see if they can help fix it.

How much will it cost for you to send in your ds to fix a broken hinge?


Where do you fix a DS?

Some game stores have a reputation for fixing broken sold hardware, but most of the time only from the seller can you get it fixed or replaced.

How do you fix my broken action replay ds?

you can not fix it it is brocken forever so bye a new one

How do you fix a broken LCD screen on a DS by yourself I have the tools but I don't know how.?

You can't fix with your own tools. You should bring to a local video game to exchange with your warranty. If you don't have a warranty certify DS with Nintendo to get a free 30-day warranty.

How do you fix a DS game when it freezes at one point in the game?

you have to reset the ds system or in some cases, wait

Can you trade in a broken DS to a shop?

depending what kind of shop it is, then yes you can they can fix it (I'm not sure if they will charge you for them to fix it) and sell it

How do you fix a broken action replay ds?

impossible you need to buy a new ar

Is there a way to fix your broken ds game?

drop your ds on the floor then smash it up with a big hammer, then put it all together again with glue, it may sound stupid but it does work cos i even tried it.

How do you fix a broken ds top screen?

What do you do you do after you go to the water crystal in final fantasy 3 for Nintendo ds?

becase the game is broken becase the game is broken

Where is a place that can fix my Nintendo DS?

maybe game stop

Why will your DS will not except a game id name what do you do?

I've had this problem before with my DS the way to fix it is to blow into the part where you put the DS game and put it in if that does not work get a new DS, DS Lite, or DSI.

How do you fix your DS or DS game if it freezes from an AR.?

when your ds freezes just simply turn it off and blow ithe the game stot and start again remember to take the game out

Why won't My Nintendo ds recognize the game card?

There are four possiblilities: 1. Just blow onto the electronic reading part of the game card and into the ds game slot hole. 2. The game card is broken 3. The ds is broken. 4. It could somehow have nothing on it ( the game card)

How do fix the mic on the DS lite?

probably by going to game stop and seeing if they could fix it.

How do you fix broken action replay ds if does not recognize the action replay?

There is no way to fix it unless you send it back for repairs or get a new one.

What to do when a video game is stuck?

Do you mean if youer video game is not working.That means the disk is broken if its has a BIG BUMP. But for a psp or a DS or a DSI that means its not working in side of it so sadely you have to fix it mabey with adult

Why does your sonic rush keep freezing at zone 6?

No, if that happens then either your game is broken or your DS is broken.

How do you fix your action replay DS if your Nintendo DS notices the action replay DS but not the game?

i usally just take out the game and put it in, and i keep doing that until it notices it, if it says unknown game, then you have no codes for that game :)

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