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I have been in the exact same situation (still am in that situation, actually) but I think I have the answer: step back, let her like the person she likes, and let her date him. But you play an important role in this because you're the person she's done this with before; she's been out with you, and it's not like she's forgotten about that (you're not stuck in the Friend Zone because you used to be in the Boyfriend Zone; you left the Friend Zone forever, but there's always a chance that you'll get back in the Boyfriend Zone because she liked you enough to make you her boyfriend in the first place). At the moment, you're not the boyfriend but you're the friend. If the boy she likes becomes the boyfriend, she'll have her friend to turn to (you) if she needs any advice or comfort if she goes through a rough patch with the boyfriend. If the boy she likes doesn't like her back, you're there as her friend. You've stepped back by not letting your feelings for this girl show, but you're there for her. That's the one thing this girl needs to know, even if she doesn't yet know that you want to be more than her friend. In time, this girl will realise that she's always got her friend (you) to count on. The key word here is "time" - give her as long as you can to realise what she's missing when she's not with you, but of course still be there for her as a friend. Anything is possible. I wish you the best of luck.

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Q: How do I get a girl to fall for me if we've already gone out but now she likes someone else?
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