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Well for one, hate to tell you, but he probably likes you...either that or he enjoys watching the way you react...but probably the former of the two. How to stop him? Well, guys are flat out stupid (I am one, I know these things) and sometimes even telling him to his face in serious matter won't even solve the problem. You could give it a try, except don't tell him in a tense confrontation such as when he might try to do something. Rather, ask to talk to him some other time...and tell him you really don't appreciate it. Give it a try...see what you can do.

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What are the release dates for Shooting Guns to Shooting Films - 2009?

Shooting Guns to Shooting Films - 2009 was released on: USA: May 2009

Where are shooting airsoft guns illegal?

You can only use airsoft guns on your property, shooting at your property, or at fields or facilities designed for airsoft.

What is gunmetal used for?

making guns for shooting

What can be a sentence for projectile?

They were shooting projectile out of their guns.

What events did Annie Oakley do?

Shooting guns

What are the release dates for Shooting Gallery - 2011 Future Guns?

Shooting Gallery - 2011 Future Guns was released on: USA: March 2012

Is Call of Duty 3 scary?

if you think guns are scary and shooting people i wouldn't get the game....but if you like guns and shooting get it and it is not scary, if your scared then i would never get it.

Rap songs that begin with a S?

Shooting guns

Why was gun shooting invented?

During and after guns were invented.

How did the men fight in the war?

By shooting guns at the enemy

What is the purpose of guns?

Hunting, defense, collecting, shooting,

Why are guns not allowed on school grounds?

They are afraid of shooting.

How much guns are there in call of duty 4 modern warfare?

Mostly guns in the shooting game

Why do boys like guns?

because they think it's manly Or because shooting at a target and being able to hit it is gratifying, and THAT has nothing to do with your gender.

How many guns were used in the shooting at Columbine?

Four guns total. Two 9mm firearms and two 12-gauge shot guns.

What is the Equipment used in Olympic Shooting?

guns because they need

Why are there guns?

To make bad people get dead or for target shooting.

Where can you find a shooting that has machine guns in Oregon?

Yellow Pages

Is shooting steel case ammo bad on your guns ejector?

It can be.

Was shooting a sport in the ancient Olympics?

no it wasn't as they had no guns to shoot with

Metal gear solid 4?

yes. guns of the patriots no metal gear solid is a game of shooting not about 1 gun The edited answer above me doesnt get it.......The full title is (Metal Gear Solid 4:Guns Of The Patiots) It is about Solid Snake on his final mission before death!!!

New recruits were being instructed in firing muskets Their old veteran instructor said its like shooting swquirrels boys only these squirrels have what?


Hard shooting air soft guns?

no its acculaly quite easy

Does battery power affect shooting in Air soft guns?


What are the different types of guns in the Olympic sport of shooting?

shotgun is the answer shotgun is the answer