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How do I get an owner's manual for Daewoo Cielo GL?


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April 16, 2008 7:03AM

I have 1997 Cielo 1997 SOHC. I don't think a Daewoo manual exists, so I bought a Haynes manual for Opel Kadett (covers 1984 - 1991.) (See Since the Cielo was a license-manufactured Kadett / Monza, most engine / gearbox / electrical / suspension information is in it. There are differences (example - Opel did not do a fuel-injection 1500) but fortunately I have not had problems in those areas yet.

== == Thanks to Radu Demene over at Daewoo Romania, I was able to get my hands on an ENGLISH Cielo User Manual.

Radu, you're my hero!!