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How do I get armpit hair to gorw?

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you dont want it to grow

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Do dolphins have armpit hair?

No dolphins do not have armpit hair, in fact they don't even have an armpit!

Girls armpit hair age?

well both of my friends have armpit hair and their both 11 so i guess you get armpit hair at 11 i will get armpit hair soon too.

Do girls get armpit hair?

Yes, girls do get armpit hair.

Does a gorilla have armpit hair?

yes gorillas do have armpit hair

Does Louis tominson have armpit hair?

He has. He has long armpit hair

How do you measure armpit to armpit?

With armpit hair he he he I'm drunk

When do you get armpit hair?

Armpit hair begins to show once puberty has begun.

Is girl have arm pit hair?

Girls do have armpit hair but it is less visible then a man's armpit hair

Do dogs get armpit hair?

Dogs have hair all over. Including their armpits. There is hair in the area that would be an armpit, but dogs do not have arms, so they don't have armpit hair per se.

Why do french women have armpit hair?

All women have armpit hair because they are human.

When should you start growing armpit hair?

Armpit hair starts to grow when puberty begins.

What age do you start growing armpit hair?

I am 12 and i started growing armpit hair at 11.

You have pubic hair but no armpit hair why not?

Armpit hair develops later than pubic hair for some reason. But it's nothing to worry about.

What do you call the hair in your armpit?

Underarm hair.

Should a 12 year old have armpit hair?

I'm 12 and I got armpit hair at 11

How many hairs does an armpit have?

it depends. do you want me to count your armpit hair?

Can babies have armpit hair?


What is an axillary hair?

An axillary hair is a hair growing in the armpit, sometimes referring to the first hairs appearing in the armpit shortly after the onset of puberty.

Does Taylor Lautner have armpit hair?

All boys that have gone through puberty have armpit hair, including Taylor.

Does 13 year old girls have armpit hair?

yea all girls get armpit hair and they have shave :D

Does Jared Gilman have armpit hair?

As he is only 12 no he does not have armpit hair, but he will when he hits around 13 - 14 years

What if you have pubic hair but no armpit hair and you still haven't hit Puberty?

Pubic hair comes before armpit hair, sometimes by a few years. As long as you have pubic hair, you have started Puberty. Give it time to begin. Some boys will not see armpit hair until they are 19.

Have you started puberty if you have a tiny bit of armpit hair?

Yes, you usually get pubic hair before armpit hair, which are both signs of Puberty has begun.

You have no armpit hair you are 12.5 and every single on of your friends have armpit hair?

Your normal - everybody grows at different rates and you will get hair everywhere soon enough.

Do men shave their armpit hair?

Yes men shave there armpit hairs