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* For the most part it's luck and good genetics. But you can have a nice healthy body by eating right and exercising. I have been searching the internet to find something to make my booty bigger I've found it. The website looked cheesy & the order took 2 weeks to arrive but it was well worth it, & it was cheap. My booty grew 3 inches in one month all around. That doesn't sound like a lot but look at a ruler. Plus the exercises & foods to eat are all natural. These foods will give you the hormones that creates a bigger butt. When you have the size you want stop the program. You can control your body. == == * If you want to have a better looking body (breasts and butt) you have to eat the right meals and exercise you should eat a fruit or vegetable with every meal and as for the exercising part you can do push ups, jumping jacks, sit ups, you just pretty much need to stay fit all the time and one thing you can try is to tighten up your butt and while you are doing that do a couple jumping jacks or even push ups or sit ups. * The first poster is correct and if you don't have the genes then you're hooped unless you opt for plastic surgery which is not only expensive, but some doctors can do a botched job (more often than you think. It's the best kept secret those botched jobs until Oprah Winfrey brought it out into the open on one of her programs.) It's not how you look that is bothering you, but you haven't worked on what's inside of you ... your strength, independence, what you are capable of achieving or how you can be a better person. It's called being shallow! Get a job if you can or better yet volunteer for those less fortunate and be thankful you don't have some terrible disease and that all your limbs are in tact. Exercise (do weights) and eat well and just be the best you can be to be healthy. There is no such thing as the perfect body! Be happy with what you have and unless you have scars, etc., from a bad accident then I suggest you work more on your inner self because beauty fades fast, but you're stuck with who you are for the rest of your life!

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Q: How do I get in better shape?
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