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Contact whomever holds the lien, they will allow you to make payments and take posession of said vehicle if signor has ceased to make payments.

I have already contacted the lien holder and they advised me that they would not get involved with me taking possession of the vehicle. All they wanted from me were back payments. I brought the payments up to date. Now I want to get the vehicle in my possession. Unfortunately I have been unsuccessful at contacting the person I cosigned for. I've even heard that he may have moved out of Michigan. I have a copy of the Michigan registration showing myself as an owner. I am currently awaiting documentation from the state that I am on the title. What is my next step towards getting possession of the car?

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Q: How do I get possession of a car in Michigan that I cosigned for when the owner has stopped making payments and communicating with me?
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Do you have the right to take possession of a vehicle you cosigned when the person not making payments?


How can you get out of cosigner even through you already cosigned?

Pay the loan off and then collect payments from the person you cosigned for.

If the person you cosigned for refuses to pay on the car loan after a year and a half can the cosigner take over payments and get possession of the car?

Only if they are a joint title holder of the vehicle.

If you file for bankruptcy and you cosigned for someone can the car loan be included in the bankruptcy if the person is not making their payments?

YES, you can include it whether the payments are current or not.

If a person cosigns on a vehicle loan and is listed as the primary buyer on the title and the person they cosigned for has refused to make any payments can the the cosigner regain ownership of the car?

If a person's name is listed on a title, that person owns the car. If a person merely cosigned the note, that person's name will not be on the title. If you own the car, you certainly can take physical possession of it.

Can a lien holder report the car stolen for being behind in payments?

Of course not. The car has not been stolen. But guess who is going to have to make the payments if the primary lender does not. You the cosigner, that's who. I would suggest you talk to the person you cosigned the loan for. If I were going to have to make the payments I would for sure try to gain possession of the vehicle. This is the very reason cosigning is a bad idea.

What can happen to you if you cosigned on a new car?

If the signor fails to make payments, you are responsible. By co-signing, you say that if the signor can not pay, you will would gladly make the payments.

What happens when someone who cosigned for has filed bankruptcy?

If you are talking about someone who cosigned for your loan filing bankruptcy, As long as you continue to make your payments on time, nothing will happen. If you are talking about someone you cosigned for taking bankruptcy, you may very well have to pay this loan. Contact the lender.

How do you go about getting a car back that you cosigned for if the other person is not making payments?

CALL THE LENDER. They can advise you and work with you.

Can you put a lain on a property if you cosigned and are making the payments?

Call your banker ASAP. Explain the situation and ask for advice.

Can a lien take your child support?

No. A judgment creditor cannot take possession of child support payments to satisfy a lien.No. A judgment creditor cannot take possession of child support payments to satisfy a lien.No. A judgment creditor cannot take possession of child support payments to satisfy a lien.No. A judgment creditor cannot take possession of child support payments to satisfy a lien.

You cosigned on a loan for your sibiling Her car was going to be repoed after you cosigned she has been avoiding you also come to fine she owns other banks around town hundreds of dollars what to do?

When you co-sign for anything, you in essence take on the responsibily for the payments if for some reason the primary owner doesn't make those payments. The only thing you can do, if you want to save your credit rating, is to make those payments. You can take your sister to court to pay you back for the payments for the car.

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