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There is a few way to get rid of stray cats and kittens that is hanging around your house. The best way to get rid of them would be to call your local pound.


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Probably, if you have a female and a male and nether are spayed or neutered.

Yes, but the best age at which kittens are spayed or neutered is four to five months old.

sPAyed. male dogs are neutered.

You can get orange, calico, tabby, and black kittens. However it would be best to get your cats neutered or spayed.

That depends on if you're cat is neutered or spayed...or not. If they are will find kittens. If they are...they will get along very well. Usually, cats that are neutered or spayed will not fall in love...only make close bonds.

Spaying a cat does not depend on the weight of the kitten. Kittens can be spayed starting around five to seven months.

Usually because someone's dog or cat is not neutered or spayed, and has puppies or kittens that the owner does not want.

The animals which need to be spayed and neutered are cats, rabbits and dogs. Generally the pets which one doesn't want to have a litter of pups or kittens or buns. Also, it is useful for aggressive pets who want to mate but don't have a companion.

Spay or neuter depends on gender, not species. Females are spayed, males are neutered.

A boy cat is called neutered. A girl cat is called spayed.

It is possible for cats that are siblings to reproduce, but it is not advisable. This can lead to genetically deficient offspring and unheathly kittens. The best thing to do to avoid this is to have your pets spayed and neutered.

Offspring - a female or tomcat's babies/kittens that they produceYes, a full-grown, not spayed or neutered cat has live offspring.

06 months is the earliest age they can get spayed or neutered.

If you want to. our dog got spayed and neutered

Cats remain fertile all their lives or until they are spayed/neutered. If you do not want kittens, the only 100% guaranteed way to avoid their conception is to spay/neuter your pets.

This is how cats play and learn. It is fun to them. my cat's used to do that but then i pretended to cry every time they did it, and they made the conection!:)

No, a spayed cat will not be able to have kittens, nor come on heat. The spaying procedure removes the reproductive organs which renders a female cat unable to come into season and have kittens.

if spayed or neutered there is a chance they will stop spraying...

I don't know if there are any dog show that allow spayed and neutered dogs.

There is no such thing as a "neutered cow." You can get a neutered bull, which is called a steer, or a spayed heifer, but never a "neutered cow."

It will do no harm; usually the kittens are weaned before the mother is spayed.

For females it is neutered, but yes.

3 to 18WAY TOO MANY! Please have your cats spayed or neutered! There are way too many kittens in shelters each year that are not adopted and are put to sleep!SPAY & NEUTER!

Let it raise them. Get them neutered or spayed after a few months. Get the female and male neutered and spayed if you dont want any more bunnies.

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