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fix the airbag.

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Q: How do I get the airbag light to stop flashing in a 1998 infiniti i30?
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Is it OK to still drive my 1998 KIA Sportage with the airbag light flashing on and off?

No. Take it to the dealer and have it repaired. If you are in an accident, the air bag might not deploy.

Why is Subaru forester hold light flashing?

why is subaru forester 1998 hold light flashing

How do I stop an Airbag light on 1998 pathfinder from flashing constantly on the dashboard?

By having it repaired by a qualified technician. It is flashing because something is wrong with the SRS. Do not ignore this and do not attempt to repair yourself. Serious injury can occur when working with the SRS.

How do you reset airbag light ta Toyota sienna 1998?

When there is an issue with a vehicles airbag, the airbag light comes on. In order to reset it, the problem must be taken care of, and reset by a computer.

Intermitante flashing abs light 1998 Ford Taurus?

check your fuses

What is the flashing yellow light in the instrument cluster on 1998 SL500?

Which Yellow light, what does the symbol look like

1998 dodge avenger 2.5 check engine and air bag light stay on?

There are several reasons the airbag light will stay on, in your 1998 Dodge avenger. The most common reason is the airbag sensor is not functioning properly.

The airbag light in your 1998 Malibu came on when you turned a corner Is there a danger the airbag will come open?

There is not much chance that your airbag would malfunction and just deploy, but if the airbag light is on there is a 100% chance that it will not operate properly in the event of an accident. You need to have the car inspected at a dealer or certified repair shop if the airbag light is on and remains on.

How do you turn off a 1998 Subaru airbag light?

By having whatever has triggered the light repaired. A job for a professional.

Why does the airbag light stay on 1998 dodge caravan?

The airbag computer has detected an electrical malfunction, this is not a diy situation, please take to a qualified mechanic.

1998 Buick century service engine light flashing?

A person needs to pay attention to their warning lights. If a service engine light is flashing, this means that there is a problem within the engine.

Flashing Low coolant light on a 1998 Chevy voyerger i had the radiator flushed and filled and light is still on.?

change your thermostat.

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