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I have run into the same problem, and cannot figure out what all the wires mean.....I am starting to convince myself that maybe I should test it to figure out what each wire is.

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What is the possessive for harnesses?

The possessive form of the plural noun harnesses is harnesses'.example: These harnesses' condition is very worn.

What are saddles harnesses etc known as?

saddles,harnesses,etc are know as riding tack

Can guinea pigs wear harnesses?

No.Guinea pigs have sensitive spines and can be seriously harmed by harnesses.

Has demand for harnesses made from leather declined?

The demand for harnesses made from declined with the advent of the industrial era

What store can you buy puppia dog harnesses?

the puppy store on Melrose ( can buy Puppia harnesses online at either of the links below, depending on which country you are from. The other link is an article all about Puppia harnesses and tells you how to measure for the Puppia harnesses, with full size chart.

Do horse riders use harnesses?

On the horse or the person? We use saddles on the horse, but they are not harnesses. On the person, there is not any harness.

Where can i find cheap fall harnesses for a cheap price?

To get fall harnesses for cheap, I recommend They sell cheap fall harnesses, and they even offer free shipping on most of their products over $25.

What is the plural form of harness?


Where is the wire harness on a 2000 dodge avenger?

There are parts of the wiring harnesses going to every corner of the car.There are parts of the wiring harnesses going to every corner of the car.

Will a 2006 5.7 fit into a 2005 dodge ram 1500 with a 4.7?

Will bolt in, but the harnesses, computers, etc will need replaced.Will bolt in, but the harnesses, computers, etc will need replaced.

Where are molex pugs on a 07 sportster?

on the harnesses

What is the plural of a harness?

Harnesses is plural for harness

Are there harnesses for hamsters at Pet Smart?

yes, you can usually find harnesses for hampsters at any pet stores, just make sure you get the right size

Wiring CD player in 90 Honda accord diagram?

Can racing harnesses be installed in any car?

Why do you need racing harnesses installed in your car, do you plan on going 200 mi/h on the highway, idiot.

Who is the person who makes harnesses and saddles for horses?

a saddler

Who makes harnesses for horses?

I do I am called David Cameron

Why do you need tack and harnesses for horses?

i dont know that why i am answer you

Who is Mortal Kombat's Scorpion?

scorpion is a character who is a ninja from mortal kombat. he harnesses the power of fire. his mortal enemy is sub-zero, a character who harnesses the power of ice.

does Wal-Mart or Petco have good dog harnesses?

PetCo should have dog harnesses, and albeit, they may not be as inexpensive as Wal-Mart, they are most likely of better quality, because the store specializes in pet care and needs. Either store would have dog harnesses though.

Where is the wire harness on 2007 Pontiac Torrent?

There are several wiring harnesses in any vehicle. Need more info as to what your symptoms are.

How do you apply a dog harness on a German Shepherd?

It depends on the type of dog harness. There are step-in dog harnesses, over-the-head vest dog harnesses and over-the-head V shaped dog harnesses so for a GSD the fitting will be the same as for any dog. See links below for full details.

What cleaning product cleans leather harnesses?

Saddle soap.

What are the uses of a leather dog harness?

Dog harnesses are sometimes used in place of a normal collar and lead where a dog pulls and might otherwise damage its neck. These harnesses are also useful in dogs that have a relatively small head and might slip their collars. Examples of leather dog harnesses can be found on the petsinpyjamas website.

How do you replace the alternator on a 2000 Chevy Prizm?

Remove wiring harnesses, unbolt it, remove from engine. Install new alternator, apply tension using bar, bolt it, hookup wiring harnesses.

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