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I do not have a scientific answer to this, but i am presuming one way to approach this question is to also understand how colorblind tests would actually work for the majority of the population. If they didn't, that would mean that the colors don't interact with each other, such as the specific colors they use for those tests. All in all, since colorblind tests do work, I do believe that majority of us do see the world same way, in the same colors.

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โˆ™ 2011-11-16 03:31:37
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Q: How do I know the colors I see are the same colors you see?
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Are cats coulerblind?

Cats can see colors, apparently there are color-detecting cells in their retinas. However, they are not the same colors we see, as far as we know. Cats also can see further into the infrared than we can; we don't know if they can see colors in that range..

What colors can a lion see?

Lions can see the same colors as we can, but they can't see as far away as we can.

Percentages of dogs colors that they can see?

hijust to let you know all dogs can see colors

Do you all see the same colors?

All humans see the same colors if normal. It depends on the interpretation of light of different frequencies by one's brain.

Why can't everyone in the community see colors in The Giver?

nobody could see colors because everybody is the same

Are dogs color blind and how do you know?

Yes and no they can only see really bright colors and they see them as faint colors instead of the neons that we see

Do Cats and Kittens see same colors thate people see?

yes they do see in colour but not in the same way as we do they see in darker colours

What colors do fish see best?

Its the same as the color of hair

How did scientist prove pigeons can see the same colors we can?

I'm pretty sure that they trained them to go towards certain colors and if they can do that they see colors like us. P.S. I'm not positive about it though

Are cats color blind?

Cats are not completely color blind, but they don't see colors the same way humans do. They see colors about the same way a human with red/green colorblindness would.

How do you know if you see the same as everyone else?

If you see them making a weird look face or scared like you then you know that they see the same.

Do dogs see images like people do?

No, dogs do not see images the same. They cannot see as many colors as people can. They do have better night vision though. They also do not recognized 2D images as pictures of people they know.

Do wasps see color like humans?

Wasps cannot see the color red. But see much the same colors we do.

Can cats see colors that people can't?

no, they see the same colors as us humans seeWell, not in the sense like most people would think. They can see spirits, and they can see colors that most humans don't look for or can't see, like energy. It's not very scientific, but it's true.

What colors do humans see?

The colors that you see are the colors that are being reflected back at you

What colors can a chimp see?

They can see all the colors we can.

Do horses see colors?

Yes, they see colors.

How does the brain interpret color when you have synesthesia?

Can you clarify this question a little? If you mean how do synesthetes see colors of things such as trees, toys, cars, and so on, then the answer is normally. Synesthesia does not change the colors of the outside world. So a synesthete will see the same green car that a non-synesthete will see.Synesthetes will see colors to things that non-synesthetes will see no color. For example, a piece of music will have color to a music-color synesthete. In this regard, synesthetic colors are normal colors with the exceptions that (1) some colors will seem to be mixed together but still separate at the same time (such as a number being both blue and red at the same time - but notpurple!) or (2) some colors cannot be described (such as a mixture of two colors that one doesn't normally see) or don't seem to be in existence anywhere in the outside world.

What animal can not see colors?

Cats cannot see colors. They can only see black, white or gray colors.

Do horse see in black and white?

No, they see in color. However, certain colors are darker or lighter than as we see them, but they are pretty much the same.

Why dogs don't see as much color as humsns?

They don't have the same anatomy in the eye, so they have a limited range of color they can see. They can see simple colors like red and green and blue, but a lot of other colors they can't see.

Do guinea pig see colors?

Yes, they do see colors.

Can you all see the same colors?

no we cannot all see in the same colors. one of us will see blue in one shade, the other(s) not the same shade. "give me an example" you might ask? well sort of like i said up there, one of us might see red as light red, another in normal red, and yet another in dark red

Why are pony's different colors?

they have the same color definitions and color patterns as horses. put "horse colors chart" into an images search engine and you will see it

What colors can a guinea pig see?

They have poor eyesight but can see all the colors that we see.