Jeep Liberty

How do I leave my door open with the radio on without that annoying chime how do you disable the door chime on a 2002 Jeep Liberty you?

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2008-03-28 01:12:25

Turn the key to ON instead of to auxiliary, the radio will play

and you don't have to worry about fuses or the door switch.

== == Look in the fuse box and remove the fuse for that

particular warning. Be sure the fuse is only for that one though as

you may disable another feather in the process. When it's chiming,

find the chime and unplug it. Done deal. Pull the fuse or make a

device to slide over the door switch when the door is open. A

simple piece of metal screwed next to the switch that you can slide

over the switch, thus holding it in will work.

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