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Your debit card from PayPal debits directly from your paypal balance and/or your savings/checking account and/or your onfile debit/credit card.

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How do you get your money when you sell your item on eBay?

Most buyers will want to pay for their items using PayPal so you need to have a PayPal account. Once the money is in your PayPal account, you can either spend it directly from there, or you can draw it down to your own bank account. (Sellers can offer other payment methods on their listings, such as checks/cheques, but if the buyer choses to use PayPal, the seller cannot refuse to accept that method of payment.)

How can you pay iomoio with PayPal?

If iomoio does not have PayPal set up, then it cannot be used to pay for a subscription.

Can you pay your PayPal GE Credit card with your PayPal balance?

Thursday, June 18th, 2009 - after calling Paypal technical support, we were informed that you cannot pay your Paypal credit card with your paypal account balance. You can however pay by check or with another credit card.

If you sell items on eBay is there any way to get cash sent to you as your mum's creditcard is on your PaypPal but you don't want the money to go to her Can you get a credit card if you're 13?

You have several different issues here. You cannot ask your buyers to pay with cash. The various eBay sites have slightly differing requirements but on most sites you are required to accept payment through PayPal, whatever other options you may be able add to that. Almost all buyers will opt to pay you through PayPal, regardless of what you might prefer, and you are not allowed to refuse PayPal payment if that's what your buyer wants to do. To use eBay you need to be at least 18 years old. The same goes for PayPal; if you are under 18 you shouldn't have a PayPal account, unless you live in the US and have a 'supervised by your parents' account. No, you cannot get a credit card at 13 years old - you are legally a minor.

What is an irrevocable bank payment undertaking and what are its benefits to the seller?

And your revocable bank payment is a bank payment that cannot be rescinded. The advantage to the seller is once the payment is issued, it cannot be canceled.

Can a person be refused for a PayPal account?

The short answer is yes. Paypal is a payment service, so in line with any money service business it has the right to refuse service to an individual and in certain circumstances by law it has to. For instance, Paypal cannot provide service to sanctioned countries, certain individuals of interest who by law cannot hold any financial account and other legal reasons. Outside of this they may limit and/or prevent you from creating an account for risk related reasons. Say your financials have a risk hold on them. Hope this helps.

Can you transfer money by PayPal to your Ameritrade account?

You can transfer PayPal money into your Ameritrade account as long as you provide all of the correct information to PayPal. You will need to supply PayPal with your account number, name, address, and it must also include the PayPal bank information.

Do you have to pay extra fees when you win a bid on eBay using PayPal?

No. Some sellers tell you that you have to pay them extra if you want to pay for your item with PayPal, but they cannot add a "surcharge" in that way. It's not allowed by the PayPal User Agreement.

Does PayPal allow you to use mobile phone to pay?

Paypal can only take funds from your agreed bank account. They cannot take fund from your mobile phone account.

How can access their Paypal account?

The PayPal website is a licensee of the TRUSTe Web Privacy Program. If this policy or our customer support team cannot answer your privacy-related questions, please use the

What can be found in Singapore that cannot be found anywhere else?

Sentosa island is an island which you cannot find anywhere else.

Can a person in the united states use PayPal canada?

No, a person from the united states will not and cannot use paypal Canada when ordering in the United States. Their order, if ordered from payapl Ca, will be canceled.

You cannot afford your truck payment can you sell it 2 dealer and get cheaper car?

i cannot afford my truck payment can i sell it 2 dealer and get cheaper car

Why paypal doesnt work in Macedonia?

Paypal proudly works in Macedonia since 2014. Macedonian citizens are using it to pay for services and order products online for the past three years and the popularity is increasing. At the moment it can be used only for making payments, but not for receiving payments. In case you cannot use your specific paypal account you can turn to paypal for support.

What form of recognition is needed in order to login to a paypal account?

Unless a person has a bank account, they cannot be considered to be "Paypal Verified". However, this does not prevent one from opening an account with Paypal. This can be accomplished by using a credit card. Please note that if it is not registered with a bank account there will be extra limitations of deposits and withdrawals imposed on the account for security reasons by PayPal.

i need a 4 digit code for paypal to use my card on greenspot and cannot find that code that was given to this card by paypal,can u help me?

I would say backtrack in your browser and see if you can find the landing or greenspot page where the code was given. Did you mean "green dot" (a prepaid card) then it may not even work with PayPal. Contact Paypal support.

If you buy something 7000.00 what is the PayPal charge?

If you are purchasing something through PayPal there is no charge for you. PayPal fees are taken out from the end of the person receiving them money.It is important to note that the seller cannot make you cover PayPal fees it is the seller’s responsibility to cover the fees. Doing so could cost the seller their PayPal account(s) and have fines charged to them.

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Connecticut is a state. I have searched, and cannot find a community in Canada called "Connecticut"

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I have absolutely no idea I have searched everywhere and cannot find this answer

Is Anything to Survive on VHS or DVD?

I was looking for this 1990 film but cannot find it anywhere! I searched only on the main retailer websites and also e-bay/Amazon but with no result! It is a good film-not highly rated but i found it very moving and intriguing.

Can you pay PayPal with moneyorder?

No, you cannot top up your paypal account with a money order. There were only a few options in the past for getting money into a paypal account but over the years new ways have come out dependent on the country you reside. You are limited to the options which are displayed in your account under the tab add funds.

Can you delete resent purchases from your paypal account?

Recent purchases cannot be deleted from your Paypal account. You can choose to archive them so they do not show up in your recent activity by clicking the box next to the purchase and pressing the archive button.

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