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In your edit menu screen make your background blank and say ok the drag the photo you want into the video bar make it the same length as your menu in the time bar and you are done..

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โˆ™ 2012-07-18 11:56:09
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Q: How do I make my menu from Pinnacle Studio 12 un-pixelated?
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Can you download DVDs onto Pinnacle Studio Video Editing Software?

Yes you can. In Pinnacle Studio 11 Plus open project under file, then under file menu again "import DVD titles"

Where is the Roblox studio?

You can access the Roblox studio from the start menu. Under all progams --> Roblox --> Roblox Studio

How do you get a roblox studio?

You get Roblox Studio when you download Roblox and if you created a Start Menu Folder then just open the Start Menu, click All Programs' and Find 'Roblox', hover your mouse over it and then click 'Roblox Studio'

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Where can you find the Roblox studio button?

If you're on PC:Start Menu > All Programs > Roblox folder.ORStart Menu > Search Bar >Search Roblox Studio.If you're on Mac:Go > Applications > RobloxIf you're on Linux:Menu > Terminal > type Roblox Studio > Hit enter

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How do you open Roblox studio on Roblox?

Select the application from your applications folder (Mac) go to the menu and type in Roblox Studio (PC)

Where is the starters menu in roblox?

roblox studio in workspace roblox studio is in program list in roblox

How do you use studio tools on roblox?

To use studio tools you must open the Roblox Studio. To open the Roblox studio first click your computer's start menu. Then go to Programs>Roblox>Roblox studio. Now load your place and you will be able to use the tools.

How do you build on Roblox studio?

Go to the options menu when playing a game. Click "studio mode". Then you click on the picture of the model that you want and will appear in front of you

Why can't i get on roblox studio anymore?

Because ROBLOX Changed. You have to get on it by the start menu then type ROBLOX Studio, then go to your place and press edit/build.

Where is the serial number in manga studio debut 4?

Just click on the help menu in Manga Studio and then on Versin Info. In the window that appears you see the serial number of your product.

How do you get studio on roblox?

It is already downloaded when you download ROBLOX, just go to the start menu on your computer, go to the search bar and type in Roblox Studio and it should come up.

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Click the wrench(settings) on the main menu of Flipnote Studio.Hit the right arrow until you get to "Advanced Tools"Hit "ON"When you go to make a Flipnote again, got to the MENU and hold down the L button to view Advanced Tools, anywhere.You will see advanced tools if you choose the type of paint you want, if you want to create layered paper-anywhere.

A menu contains a list of commands from which you make selections?


How do you add music to Flipnote Studio?

go to the item menu look at the top and there should be a microphone icon then click it$#

How do you make a game place with cool stuff on roblox?

If you're on a windows computer, go to the start menu and search "roblox studio". click roblox studio and then go to you're place. Click edit (not build) and then use the tools at the top to put in free models, free decals and more!

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you cant actually put menu on imovie but you can do that on idvd

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What do you mean a Menu System... do you mean the GUI

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go to flipnotes studio, and on the menu there are 2 big square buttons. one says veiw flipnote, and the other says create flipenote. press the one that says create flipnote and then you can make a new flipnote.

How do you remove text from back page hallmark card studio?

It depends on which version of Hallmark Card Studio. If back page art can be removed it will be under tools on the menu across the top of the opening window. Enjoy!!

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Make multifaceted menu display, silk screen logo.

What is the drop down menu in Roblox studio?

It is for scripting and adding things to your place. If you want to know more please email me at