How do I overcome alcohol abuse?

THE HARDEST PART ABOUT OVERCOMING an addiction is admitting there is a problem and WANTING to stop. If you want to stop using alcohol, I would suggest attending AA meetings. Look in the phone book white pages and call the local chapter for meeting places and times. Practically EVERY town across the country will have meetings at different times and locations, and it is pretty easy to work a meeting into your schedule. I highly recommend AA (alcoholics anonymous) meetings regularly. Depending on your needs, you can attend a meeting once a week or everyday, if needed. ALSO- if a heavy drinker stops drinking, they should see a health care professional, whether it's your doctor or a local health clinic. They will prescribe something like Librium that will help with the shaky hands and also will help avoid a seizure, which can happen if a heavy drinker stops drinking "cold turkey" (immediately, all at once. I WISH YOU SUCCESS AND GOOD HEALTH!!


Seek professional help! Educate yourself! Talk to experts! Get genuine treatment for a long term solution!