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Q: How do I put the homestarrunner podcast on your iPod?
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How do you put video podcast on an ipod nano?

u want to put podcast in ur ipod, go to itune store, click podcast then choose the video u like, subscribe it.go to ur device click manually manage music and video. click podcast then sync.

How do you put a podcast on to a ipod?

Go to i tunes store online. find a podcast. click download. and make sure you have the cord in and BAM. you have it

What is the origin of the word 'podcast'?

A "podcast" is a broadcast specially formatted and intended for an Apple iPod. Hence iPod broadcast becomes shortened to podcast.

What 2 words make podcast?

iPod + broadcast = pod-cast = podcast

What is a podcast for your iPod?

A podcast is like a news report, they won't automatically come to you but if you see something on there you like and have on your iPod you can just buy it and download it.

How do you hear a podcast on iPod?

Normally, you would have to go through iTunes on a computer and download the podcast from there.

When was the podcast invented?

The term "Podcast" were first used in 2004. Combining "iPod" and "Broadcasting". It did not require a iPod, any MP3 player could play the files. A "Podcast" is only Apple's word for "recorded radio shows", and basically anyone could publish one.

How do you play video podcast on iPod Nano?

It depends. If you have a 1st or 2nd. You can't they can't play video. If you have a 3rd, 4th, or 5th, download the video podcast, and drag it onto the ipod or sync it.

Recorded audio stored on a website that can be downloaded to an iPod?


What is a Recorded audio stored on a website that can be downloaded to an iPod?


Can the iPod nano - 6th generation play video podcast?


How do you delete podcasts on iPod touch?

Plug it into Itunes and go to ur podcasts there, deleet the podcast from your iTunes then sync your iPod agin

Where could one find out how to podcast?

Learning how to podcast can be a complicated process. The easiest way to learn about podcast and how to do it can be found on a WikiAnswers page. It is extremely helpful and if there are any specific iPod related questions the Apple website has a lot of information as well just harder to locate.

Where is the movies on an ipod touch?

In videos, or if you are looking for podcasts, they are either in the video section or the podcast section in music.

What would cause all my music and podcast to be erased off my ipod?

if you sinc your ipod then all your music and things will go to the computer but before you sinc it then you click don't take all the music from the ipod on to the computer

How do you download podcasts onto your iPod?

If you have an old school iPod, you will have to go onto iTunes, subscribe to a podcast, and sync your iPod to transfer it. If you have a newer one that can connect to the internet on its own, you can bypass the manually syncing step and subscribe from the iTunes store on your iPod/iTouch.

How did podcast get its name?

Ben Hammersley of The Guardian newspaper created the term in a February 2004 article along with some other possible names for this new technology. He got this word by mixing together "pod" from Apple's iPod and "broadcasting," even though it's not necessary to use an iPod to listen to a podcast.

Why doesn't your iPod download your songs?

There is a useful ipod transfer tool for you to use, iPod to Mac Transfer is specially designed for Mac user to transfer iPod files, It can fast transfer, rip, copy and manage your music, video, photo, podcast and TV program from iPod to Mac, iPod to iTunes, iPod to iPod and Mac to iPod transfer is also available.

Is Marzipian from Homestarrunner a vegetarian?

Yes, Marzipan is a strict vegetarian.

I am using ipod . in the ipod show the word of podcasts. i do not understant the heading of podcasts. awaiting ur answer?

on the links that i posted, theres the easy definition... podcast is a consistenty (daily, weekly, monthly) uploaded video to the internet by a single source. the podcast option on itunes allows you to automatically download each of the source's podcasts.

What can you put on a podcast?

A podcast is simply an audio or video recording. If you'd like to create your own podcast, you can make it on any subject you like, and it can contain audio only, audio with accompanying graphics (like an audio slideshow), or you can make a video podcast. Really, the only limit is your imagination.

Can you buy from iTunes if you don't have an ipod?

Yes, you can. there is also a bunch of free stuff like some cartoon from the podcast section.

What is an iTunes podcast?

a PodCast is the equivalent of a radio or TV show but they can be downloaded from iTunes (or other sources) to be listened to/viewed on an iPod (or other suitable player) at a time convenient to you. Most PodCasts are free and iTunes gives you the option to subscribe to a particular podcast so any new editions are automatically downloaded to your computer as they become available.

What is recorded audio usually an MP3 file stored on a website that can be downloaded to a computer or a portable digital audio player such as an iPod?


What is a podcast on an iPod?

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