How do I put videos from YouTube on my iPod?

Billions of people watch YouTube videos on-line every day.But only a few of them can enjoy YouTube videos on their iPod/PSP/iPhone/Zune/Mobile phone .

Whit Video Sharer, you can easily enjoy YouTube video on your iPod.

Click the "related link" below this answer to download Video Sharer.

this program: It can convert FLV to MP4, MOV, H.264, MP3, AAC, WAV which ipod supports. Before converting, you can choose the conversion models for your iPod, including Standard quality, High quality, audio output. After converting, then you can view the output videos with iPod.

Download a software called YouTube Downloader from the related link given below the answer.

There are two steps. 1. Open the software. Choose "Download Video from YouTube". You will need to copy-paste the address of the video to the window. It will download the flash Video. It will have a ".flv" extension.

2. After downloading, choose "convert video from file". Now select the previously downloaded file and convert to iPod video.