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Re: My husband won't listen to me. I told him to soak the part with the stuck bushing in a tub of gasoline until all the grime comes off and then maybe the new bushing will come out. But he's upset, he put it in a clamp and is trying to pound it out with a chisel. I guess we're going to have to buy another new bushing. Ellen Well, he got the new bushing out, bright and shiny, all in one piece. He made some adjustments to it (filed it, I guess), put it back in and is quite happy. I saw an Answer about taking the part to a shop and having them remove it and press it back in. Thank you; Vern will probably do that with the other one. Ellen

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โˆ™ 2007-05-15 21:49:19
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Q: How do I remove a stuck outer wheel bearing from the front end of a ford f150?
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How do I free a stuck trailer wheel?

Assuming that the wheel does not have a stuck brake then the wheel bearing is froze. The wheel might break free by rocking the trailer front and back but probably the wheel will have to be removed and the bearing will need to be replaced.

2002 ford ranger stuck in four wheel drive how can I get it unstuck?

Remove your front axles.

'How do you remove stuck front brake rotors on a 2003 Jeep Liberty'?

Air tools and PB Blaster.

How do you remove a stuck-on wheel hub from a 1998 Pontiac Grand Prix?

How can you remove a stuck on hub bearing on a 2001 Chevy blazer?

The best tactics to remove a stuck hub bearing is trying to knock it loose with a rubber mallet, the kind with lead shot in the head, you hit it enough on the sides and it should eventually loosen. if not a pry bar may help with some leverage, just try not to damage the hub assembly of course.

1999 Mitsubishi eclipse GST How do you remove front drive shafts from hub when they are stuck?

Buy a new hub

How to open my stuck Hz Holden front door?

Can you get inside the car and remove the interior panel of the door that is stuck ? If you can remove that panel you will be able to manually pull the door catch (And then open the door and have the door latch fixed properly)

What to do - 1977 Ford Ranger F 250 - replacing new wheel bushings - bushing stuck - how to remove it?

If you are speaking of bearing races--bring to a auto parts/machine shop --they can remove and press new ones in

How do you remove stuck hub gear from 1985 K10 Chevy front axle?

Did you remove the big snap ring that's inside of the hub. It's hard to see.

How do you remove a stuck cam?

In what?

How do you remove stuck front rotor 91 dodge stealth?

beat it off with a rubber mallet or get hub puller at part store

How do you remove stuck spark plugs?

To remove the stuck spark plugs, you can break them loose and then start to get them tighter as you rotate them out. The ratchet wrench can also be used to remove the stuck spark plugs.

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