How do I remove steering column cover on 2002 Ford sport trac?

the 1997 thru 2005 sport trac has about the same design.

Tilt the steering column up, locate the 2 Phillips screws under both ends .

May have to use a sturdy 6 " long screwdriver the screws are about 2 " long.

Its not difficult.

If No brake lights

Please be aware.. the brake lights and other wiring connection is located i just above the steering column. I believe the Green or blue connector is probably loose using a needle nose plier simply hold the disconnected or popped out wire in the slot that it slipped out from.

To check if your brake llights work use a small 2 foot wood or place it between the front seat and foot brake , just forward the seat to press the brake as you step outside and see the brake lights plus the third cab light now working.