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How do I remove the dash panel from a 1995 Ford Thunderbird to change a dash light bulb?


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2015-07-15 21:34:04
2015-07-15 21:34:04

Remove the screw covers on the face of the dash panel. They look like decorative indents in the plastic. Using a credit card or other piece of stiff plastic to pry is helpful. Then remove the screws (I believe there are 5...) Then "just" wiggle the dash panel off. (The reverse wiggling process is even more tricky, but it's all just finicky finagling.) It helps to have a friend to stabilize and manage getting the thing out or in.


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there should be a small hole beside the panel the light sits in. straighten a paper clip and push the button inside the small hole.

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To change a headlight bulb on an A6, first remove the intake duct on the slam panel. Remove the air box and unclip the access panel on the back of the light. Take off bulb and put in the new one.

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you need to remove the inside panel to get to these bulbs

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light is out in the gear shift area between the seats,how can I change it?

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