How do I study in college?

To succeed in college academics is quite simple. STAY ONTOP OF YOUR ASSIGNMENTS! Its very simple in principle, but rather difficult in reality. Read the assigned pages BEFORE the class period in which they are disscussed. This will allow you to be aware of what is going on, and you will have to ability to have any of your question answered in class. This is also a good test prep method. Instead of not doing anything for 3 weeks and then reading 150 page in the 2 days right before the test, read you assigned readings as they come. Thus, come time to study for the test, you will only be reviewing. This will allow you to have a deeper understanding (having been through the material more than once), more confidence (you know you have been ontop of your game and are well prepared), and better performance (you actually got a full nights sleep the night before because you didnt have to stay up all night cramming). College is easy if you let it!