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How do I tell my husband that I feel he's disrespecting me in order to make him feel more like a man?

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September 18, 2007 10:24PM

I don't know your husband, so I can never be 100% sure on how he will react to any topic; yet I can try to advice you.

Try to be honest yet gentle. If you are not honest then you will either feel bad about this later, or he will realize and use this against you with guilt games. Tell him that you feel he is being harsh with you unnecessarily. Tell him that you love him and that for the relationship to work, that love needs to be mutual -- and it needs to be shown.

You will be able to judge at this point whether his attitude about this is good enough for you to continue. If you feel it is, then tell him that you think that he is being unreasonable in order to feel more masculine and in-control. Explain that he doesn't need to be that way, or to prove anything to anyone. You love him for who he is.