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Taking a hot bath is a great way to treat ankle pain at home. Another great method for treating ankle pain at home is icing ones ankle for a long period of time.

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Q: How do I treat ankle pain at home?
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What is a remedy for ankle pain?

The most common way to treat ankle pain is with ice and a bandage wrap, but there are many more options. For more ways to treat ankle pain please visit

Is ice a good treatment for pain in the ankle?

Yes, ice is a good way to treat most injuries as the cold will dull the pain and prevent swelling. However, if the pain persists or if the ankle is swelling beyond control, it is probably a good idea to contact a physician.

How do you treat ankle pain from using a clutch?

depress the clutch with your heel instead or put a splint on your ankle and drive your manual like you normally would. if that doesn't work then i don't know what will.

What should you do about severe pain in your ankle?

If you have severe pain in your ankle, see your doctor, or a hospital. You may need an X-ray of your ankle.

What is the best way to treat ankle pain?

Elevate the foot and ankle and rotate between hot and cold pack's every 30 minute's to a hour . Stay off your feet until the pain get's less, also you could make sure and to stretch the ankle and loosen it up before doing to much.

How can I treat her ankle pain?

Your friend needs to stay off of her foot while it heals, so have her lay on a couch with her foot on a pillow, and give her over the counter pain medication.

What is the name of the injury if you injury your ankle?

Possibly a sprained ankle or a fractured ankle. It all depends on what has happened to the bones in the ankle. The best way to treat ankle injuries is to ice it regularly and if swelling in the ankle does not go down or if pain does not subside after about a week, it is probably time to see a doctor or have an X-ray of the foot done to see what the damage is.

What are the causes of my ankle pain?

There could be mulitple causes of ankle pain including but not limited to arthritis, tendonitis or a sprain.

How do you treat a torn ankle tendon?

Ice it.

What are some causes of ankle pain?

A very common cause of ankle pain is a sprain, which occurs when the ankle joint is subjected to forceful twisting or bending. Some causes: Arthritis, tendonitis and fractures.

What is the fastest way to treat a sprained ankle?

To spit on it

What is an effective way to treat your own back?

There are many home remedies one might use to treat back pain. One way an individual may treat the pain experienced is with OTC painkillers and a heating pad.

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