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How do I vacuum my swimming pool and bypass the filter?

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If you have a sand filter just set it on Back wash

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To bypass a non functioning pool filter, or to keep your pool filter in pristine condition, first you need to back wash the pool. Once the pool has been back washed, you will need a leaf skimmer, a telescoping pole, a tile brush, a pumice stone, an algae brush, and a pool vacuum.

Add the aluminum sulphate to the pool. Run the filter for two hours. Wait overnight to vacuum the bottom of the pool.

clean it out with a pool vacuum. it is about 20$ at the dollar store. You might want to buy a disposable paper filter and hose or a reusable sand filter and hose.

clean it out with a pool vacuum. it is about 20$ at the dollar store. You might want to buy a disposable paper filter and hose or a reusable sand filter and hose.

If you have more than one skimmer, close the valves for the ones you aren't hooking the vacuum to.

Best way is to vacuum it with a brush and attach the vac hose to the filter.

Pool vacuum cleaner is a cleaning equipment for swimming pool. It removes and collect debris and sediment from swimming pools.

The same as any pool. you plug the vacuum hose into the vacuum plate over the top of the leaf basket, connect the vacuum head to the end with the pole on it leave the sand filter on filter setting and vacuum the bottom.

You normally vacuum on filter. There are some situations like when the pool has been treated with a floculent that the pool is vacuumed to waste.

Yes you can order your required swimming pool filter via the internet. You can go to the website of your pool manufactuer to order the proper filter.

If your filter is repaired then you can just vacuum the pool.

Yes. Running the pool filter pump while swimming has no adverse effects to the swimmers.

Normally a swimming pool had a static skimmer installed at the side of the pool this is where the surface water from the pool runs through a leaf basket to the filter. a vacuum plate fits over the leaf basket area. A hose can be plunged into the vacuum plate that hooks into a pool floor vacuum head. this head is connected to an aluminum pole or handle after that you use it the same as a normal vacuum cleaner. A pool shop will be able to advise you on the correct choice of hard ware. RB

Most likely the filter. i would check the fingers inside the filter for tears.

You can use a portable pump and dump the water as you vacuum the pool. Otherwise there isn't anyway.

If you are using a pool vacuum on an extendable rod just plug the hose into the vacuum plate over the leaf basket behind the static skimmer. Leave the sand filter setting on filter and just run the vac over the pool floor the same as you would a home vacuum cleaner.

The closest you can come would be to use a floculent to settle the dirt to the bottom and then vacuum the bottom layer of water to waste.

Crystal Blue Enterprise Inc. has two options for you. First is the automatic cleaner and the second one is the manual vacuum that is connected to the motor/filter. Crystal Blue Enterprise Inc. offers pool services and merchandises pool equipment and accessories.

No, you do not have to. You just have to be careful not to swim into them.

A swimming pool filter can be dangerous because it operates under pressure and can explode.A fastener secures the top of the filter but in some cases the fastener can fail and allow the filter to top to blow off.

Put a vacuum plate over the top of the leaf basket (usually supplied with the pool) and plug the vacuum hose into it.

Backwashing a swimming pool cleans out the sand filter. It reverses the flow to push all the trappings from the filter out.

The setting of the sand filter should be on filter for a normal vacuum. However if you are getting rid of the results of using clarifier from the bottom of the pool you would be beter of vacuuming to waste.