How do Koala's defend itself?

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How do black window spiders defend itself?

fhuck u it defend itself bi comouflaging

How does a flower defend itself?

A flower may have thorns such as a rose does enabling it to passively defend itself .

How does a porcupine defend itself?

They defend itself by hitting the enemy with their Tail or the enemy will be Poked by the quills

How does a pig defend itself?

it kill itself

Are koalas gentle?

Koalas are not gentle if they are interfered with. Koalas are wild animals, and if approached in their natural habitat, they will use their sharp teeth and claws to defend themselves. The only gentle koalas are those that have been raised in koala sanctuaries, and frequently handled.

How does the red panda defend itself?

they use their sharp claws to defend themselves. they use thier sharp claws of growls loudly to defend itself

How does a koala wash itself?

Koalas do not wash themselves.

How does a sea star defend itself?

a sea star defend itself by hiding under rocks year around

How does a Trumpeter Swan defend itself?

It would use it's wing's to defend itself. When it uses it's large long wings to defend itself or it's partners it would hit it as hard as it could.

How did the pteranodon defend itself from other animals?

he defend his self by flying

How do boobook owls defend?

how dose a boobook owl defend itself

HOW does the elephant defend itself?

The elephant defends itself with its tusks.

How does a turtle defend itself?

it depends itself by using its shell

Do koalas pose a threat to humans?

Koalas pose no threat to humans. They do not attack without provocation, although they will defend themselves. Nor do they carry diseases which are transmissible to humans.

How does a firefly defend itself?


How does a zebra defend itself?

by blending in

How does a coyote defend itself?

It bites.

How does a hookworm defend itself?


How does a hawk defend itself?

with its beak

What does an ox use to defend itself or attack?

An ox will use its horns, head, hooves, and weight to kill the enemy or defend itself.

How does a swift fox defend itself?

how a swift fox defends itself

How does a red snapper protect itself?

it snaps at a predator to defend itself

How does a prickly pear defend itself from prey?

It defends itself with its spines.

How do Japanese beetles defend itself?

Japanese beetles are winged insects. To defend itself from predators, it can either fly away from danger or burrow itself deep inside the soil.

How does a koala offense?

Koalas aren't usually aggressive but they have strong, sharp claws and teeth to defend themselves.