How do Orthodox and Anglican Christians differ in their use of icons?

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Some Anglicans (known as Episcopalians in the US) use icons in their churches. Most fall into the category of "high church" Anglicans, rather than the "low church" Anglicans. High church Anglicans frequently use icons, incense and bells as a means of facilitating worship and relationship to God, whereas the low church Anglicans tend to believe excessive rituals and implements distract from worship and relationship. In many places around the world, Anglicans are emphasizing their ancient roots and are encouraging the use of icons and other devotional practices again. For example, St Paul's Cathedral in London, has a large icon of the Virgin Mary and Christ on its wall. The current Archbishop of Canterbury, The Most Reverend Dr. Rowan Williams, also encourages the use of icons as part of Anglican services.
It may also be argued that the Anglican tradition has long emphasized words as iconography even more than images. Examples can be found in the mystical and poetical tradition throughout Anglicanism's history. Examples may include such notable "icons" as "St. Patrick's Breastplate," the poetry of John Donne, and the Book of Common Prayer, itself.
The Orthodox Church, however, places much greater emphasis on the corporate use of holy icons in its services and some churches are full of portable icons and frescoes or mosaics on the walls. It continues the practice of the Early Church which has used icons in its Liturgy and services for over 2000 years. For example, the evangelist and apostle St Luke, himself painted many icons of the Virgin Mary and Christ. So from this, no one can say that the use of icons did not have an Apostolic foundation. Indeed, the Seventh Ecumenical Council, which is accepted by all mainstream Christian Faiths, made a clear ruling that icons are a necessary and essential part of the Christian Faith. The veneration or honour of holy icons has an important place in the Church, but it confirmed that icons are not worshipped. Only the Lord Jesus Christ is worshipped. Icons are venerated, which means respected and honoured, in the same way that we respect a photo of our loved ones by kissing it, but we do not worship them either.
Icons represent the transfigured Saint who is represented in the icon, and sometimes depicts some scenes from their life or martyrdom. Holy icons have been used as an aid to worship by Christians since the earliest times during Orthodox Church services. Especially since the Church had only the Hebrew Scriptures without a formalized New Testament for the first few centuries of the Church.
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