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How do Pomeranian puppy's play?

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Since they are a small and delicated dog they love a small soft rubber ball and enjoy you throwing it. They love chew toys (good for their teeth) and if an adult a squeaky toy is something else they enjoy. They are sweet dogs and be gentle.

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Sale pomeranian puppys?

thre are some at pride pups

How much do you sell your pomeranian puppys for?

75-400 dollars a piece

Can you bath a pomeranian puppy?

yes you can, but you have to scrub them with dog shampoo and conditioner and watch out for the puppys eyes, nose, and mouth. ; )

What do puppies like?

They like teddy puppys to play with

What do puppys like to do?

puppies like to run and play catch.

What do pomeranians like to do?

my pomeranian is a Chinese pomeranian and he likes to sleep,bark,eat,play and and do its business, -lexusphengphong

Are puppys toys?


What are the mixed breeds of the pomeranian?

There are a lot of mixed breeds of the Pomeranian. There are the Pomeranian Chihuahua, Pomeranian Shih Tzu, Pomeranian Maltese, Pomeranian poodle, and the Pomeranian Bichon. There are also the Pomeranian pug and the Pomeranian Pekingese.

Why do puppy's need to be playful?

puppys need to play so they can run away from predators

What does Pomeranian can do?

Pomeranian can does anything!

Is a pomeranian in omnivore?

Is a Pomeranian an omnivore

When do puppies start to walk?

puppys should be able to play ,walk and run approximatley four weeks of age.

Are puppys magical?


What is the kingdom of a Pomeranian?

The Pomeranian is in the kingdom Animalia.

What is the phylum of a Pomeranian?

The phylum of a Pomeranian is the Chordata.

Who is the cutest pomeranian?

Kiko is the cutest pomeranian!

Why are puppys so energetic?

They are just like little children,they want to go exploring and play,run and hide,the more you play with them the more settle down.

How tall can a pomeranian get?

A Pomeranian can get to a height of 28 cm.

Does santa give out puppys?


How do you take care of pregnant dog?

1.Never let her play rough when she is pregnant EY 2.When it is time for her to have puppys put a blanket under her and get a nose unclogger 3.wash your hands before touching the new puppies 4.let her eat that one stuff that's coated over the puppy (it wont hurt them or her) 5.Dont force the puppys away from her because they need mommas love 6.when puppys are born they are naturally in that one bag thing 7.Nevr force the puppys eyes open 8.when they are still in mommas tummy don't let er go out on the loose 9.when puppys are born use the nose unclogger on the puppys nose and mouth to help it breath HELPFUL TIP:WHEN PUPPYS ARE BORN TRY PUTTING YARN AROUND THEIR NECK TO IDENTIFY THEM UNTIL THEY ARE NAMED :)

What AKC group is the Pomeranian in?

The Pomeranian is in the AKC Toy Group.

When was the Pomeranian recognize by the AKC?

The Pomeranian was recognized by the AKC in 1888.

What is a hairless pomeranian?

It is a pomeranian that has alopecia (black skin disease).

Why does your pomeranian have watery eyes?

um . . . a pomeranian is a dog not a cat

What is Pomeranian Voivodeship's population?

The population of Pomeranian Voivodeship is 2,201,069.