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they celebrate Christmas with light's


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Yes,many people celebrate Christmas in Spain.

They have a festival, not like most of the world. how do people celebrate Christmas in Spain

Most of the christian religions celebrate Christmas in Spain.

a holiday is christmas

Spain celebrates on December 25th

the people in Spain celebrate what would be Christmas to eople in the USA and other countries although in different parts of Spain they celebrate Christmas on December 25

As Spaniards are Christians they celebrate Christmas in a big way.

Birthdays, Christmas, New years, Weddings, Halloween

They are a Catholic nation and have it in December .

In Spain people celebrate Spainmas at Christmas, Spainew Year at New Year, Spainoween on Halloween, Spainter at Easter and on Birthdays

Spain celebrates Christmas by giving bibles and crosses to boys and girl because of there believe in god. Spain celebrates Christmas like many Christian faith countries

They celebrate , dance and sing.Thankyou

Almost all countries celebrate Christmas. Some are United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Spain, Germany, Ukraine, Japan and Mexico. Christians worldwide celebrate Christmas regardless of what country they are in.

Ofcourse, In Spain they celebrate Christmas just the same as many other Christian or Catholic country would. They decorate there Christmas tree's with Tinsel and Bourbals and an angel or star on the top.

Spain is mainly a Roman Catholic nation, as evidenced from their language (based on Latin), so many of the traditional Christmas themes exist in the country.

about 6million people celebrate ChristmasAlso you can choose to celebrate Christmas. If you believe in Jesus then you celebrate Christmas.

no they celebrate the Christmas

I deleted the answer of the other person cause it didn't say much.Christmas EveChristmas Daythe Day of the Three Kings

Spain celebrates Christmas on the same day, but instead of one day of Christmas, there is a Christmas season. The Christmas season starts on the 8th of December with the Feast of the Immaculate Conception, and ends on January 6th with Three Kings Day.

Do we celebrate thanks on christmas?

Pentecostals do celebrate Christmas.

Christian Celebrate Christmas...

how does this group celebrate Christmas

Yes you can celebrate Christmas.

Yes, Venezuela does celebrate Christmas.

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