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How do UV rays affect the human body?


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The UV rays affect the human body in various ways. Prolonged exposure to these rays will cause erythema which is commonly known as sunburn.

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The tissues in your body absorbs the UV rays.

UV rays affect us. It is because they are high energy rays.

UV rays affect vegetables. They alter their chemical composition.

When UV strikes human body, it causes:Skin cancerEye cataractSuppression of immune system.

UV rays have adverse affect on skin. It causes skin cancer.

UV rays affect the animal life. They can cause various problems in them.

UV rays are high energy rays. They are influenced by ozone layer.

Some UV rays are harmful, while other UV rays can actually help your body produce Vitamin D. In some cases, UV rays have even been known to cause connective tissue breakdown or certain types of skin cancer.

UV rays affect the Earth. These cause planktons to die. They also cause effects on man and environment.

UV rays are high frequency rays. They affect the biological system by killing beings.

It will allow the UV rays to come through. The UV rays are harmful rays of the sun.

Ozone acts as a protective shield to the earth. It saves us from the harmful UV rays.

UV rays affect frogs and their eggs like humans except more so because of their aquatic origin and it depends on the type of UV ray.

Yes, UV rays can affect organisms in a number of ways. These include skin cancer, eye cataract and modification of DNA.

UV rays come from the sun and your skin absorbs them. These rays are them converted into thermal energy and make vitamin d in your skin, but if too much is absorbed, it burns your skin cells from the inside out.

UV rays can cause skin cancer. It can also cause eye cataract to humans.

UV rays affect plankton the most. They make them die.

The ozone layer protects us from the harmful UV rays of the sun. UV rays are harmful and fatal rays.

Layers of the atmosphere affect the humans very much. The ozone layer is one such which protects us from the UV rays.

Ozone affect human as it forms a layer of ozone molecules in atmosphere. The molecules absorb the UV rays protecting the humans.

There are 3 types of UV-A, UV-B and UV-C. UV-B causes most problems.

UV rays help body to ACTIVATE vitamin D in process of absorption of calcium

No. Uv (ultraviolet radiation) rays are used on food to kill unwanted bacteria withoud harmful chemicals.

UV rays affect butterflies. It will make the species extinct.

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