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A meteor is a small particle that burns up 99.9% of the time as it enters the Earth's atmosphere (a shooting star).

An asteroid is a relatively insignificant rocky or metalic body that orbits the sun.

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Q: How do a meteor and an asteroid differ?
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What are similarities between a meteor and an asteroid?

the meteor and an asteroid are the same object, but a meteor becomes an asteroid when it has entered our atmosphere.

What is bigger meteor or asteroid?


What is bigger a meteor or an asteroid?

An asteroid

What are some differences between an asteroid and an meteor?

There isn't really any differences they are the same thing except an asteroid is MUCH MUCH bigger than a meteor, an asteroid is what killed off the dinos along time ago not a meteor. So say Jupiter and Pluto were a meteor, and a asteroid, Pluto wouold be the meteor and Jupiter would be the asteroid

What is an asteroid if it leaves its orbit?

a meteor

What is the difference between meteor meteorid and asteroid?

There is no difference between the name meteor and meteorid and meteorite but the real difference of an asteroid and a meteor is well meteors move really fast around space and an asteroid they just kinda stay there thats why they call it an asteroid field cyndaquil831 is out

What burns up before it hit the earths surface meteor or asteroid?

A meteor.

Is an asteroid a meteor that strikes earth surface?

No. A meteor that gets to the ground is a meteoroid. An Asteroid is an orbiting body between Mars ans Jupiter.

What Appears as a streak in the sky?

A meteor.

What is the name of the fallen asteroid?

The name is meteor.

When to see asteroid showers?

There is no such thing as asteroid showers, perhaps you mean meteor showers.

Famous asteroid or meteor craters and where they located?

There is one in Arizona. Meteor Crater. See Link

What is a meteor like?

From: Angelo.k Francisco A Meteor is like a view of an asteroid crashing into earth.But in space.

What produced the craters in the moon?

Asteroid/meteor impacts.

What is another word for the words meteor and asteroid?

There is no synonym for them.

Is the meteor apophis blue?

First, Apophis as an asteroid, not a meteor. A meteor is an object that has entered the atmosphere. Apophis is probably gray in color.

What is an asteroid called when it is burning up in the earth's atmosphere?

meteorA meteor. Its also referred to as a shooting star.AnswerAn asteroid or meteoroid entering the earth's atmosphere is called a meteor. If parts of it manage to reach the ground without burning up, they are referred to as meteorites. a meteorite is when the asteroid actually hits the earth

When does a meteor shower occur?

A meteor showers occur when a comet or asteroid comes close to the sun and produces debris. The debris that occurs from a comet or asteroid enters the Earth's atmosphere.

What is the difference of a meteor and an asteroid?

An asteroid is a heavenly body which has its own orbit, between mars and jupiter, and revolve around the sun. It is made up of dust and rock. Meteor is also a heavenly body like asteroid but smaller than that.

What is a asteroid called when it is buring up in the earth's atmosphere?

A meteor.

What do you call an asteroid burning up in the Earth's atmosphere?

A meteor.

Is an asteroid burning up in the earth's atmosphere a meteor?


When an asteroid is burning up in earths atmosphere it is called what?


What is a meteor called before it reaches Earth's atmosphere?

An Asteroid

What is it called when an asteroid enters the Earth's atmosphere?

meteoroid (or meteor).