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Q: How do alcohols and chloroform dissolve lipids?
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What is a non-polar solvent that will dissolve lipids?

Lipids can be dissolve in non-polar organic solvent like alcohols and chloroform

Why are lipids soluble in organic solvents like chloroform?

Chloroform is a nonpolar solvent. Nonpolar solutes will dissolve in nonpolar solvents.

What dissolves lipids?

There are several non-polar organic solvents that can successful dissolve lipid. These organic solvents include chloroform, ether, hexane, and alcohol.

What is the function of chloroform isoamyl alcohol?

Did u mean function of chloroform isoamyl alcohol in DNA extraction? Chloroform isoamyl alcohol is a type of detergent. It binds to protein and lipids of cell membrane and dissolve them. By this it will disrupt the bonds that hold the cell membrane together and cause it to breakdown. It then form complexes with these lipids and proteins, causing them to precipitate out of solution. Note that lipids and proteins are non-aqueous compound and DNA/RNA are aqueous compound. The detergent binds to non-aqueous compound.

Do lipids dissolve in water?

No. Lipids do not dissolve in water.

What is the result if stearic acid added in chloroform?

Stearic acid is soluble in chloroform, so it would dissolve if added to chloroform.

How do dissolve iodine?

Hexane or chloroform

What will lipids dissolve in?

Oil (Lipids are non polar, they can't dissolve in water)

Is there any solvent to dissolve polypyrrole?

i think chloroform would dissolve polypyrrole....

Why does some alcohols dissolve in petroleum ether?

it is the concept of like dissolves like. ethers are more non-polar therefore will dissolve non polar solutes. Alcohols depending on the size of the chain will be polar or non polar shorter chain alcohols will not dissolve well in ether while non-polar ones would dissolve more readily.

What solvent can dissolve PBT?

Chloroform and Chlorophenol

What kind of solvent can dissolve polycarbonate?


Is PVC dissolve in chloroform?

No it does not. PVC is poly vinyl Chloride.

Is carbon tetrachloride CCl4 soluble in chloroform?

question itself is wrong, chloroform is solute and ccl4 is solvent, solute should dissolve in solvent and solvent cannot dissolve in solute

Do phospholipids dissolve in chloroform?

Most do "dissolve" in CHCl3, but it depends on how many fatty acids, and what they are.

Why are alcohols more reactive then alkanes?

alcohols are polar which means they will dissolve, however, alkanes aren't polar so they will not dissolve. I hope this helps

What do lipids dissolve in?

Lipids dissolve in any non polar solvent (Because it is non polar it can't dissolve in water)

Can lipids dissolve in blood plasma?

Plasma is mostly water, so no, lipids don't usually dissolve.

What is a type of biochemical that does not dissolve in water?

Lipids Lipids

Role of chloroform in RNA isolation?

it solubilize the lipids and protein and remove them.

Do lipids dissolve in base?

Yes, i believe lipids do dissolve in bases. Alkalis are soluble bases, and the strongest alkalis (pH14) are found in commercial oven cleaner. Seen as oven cleaners dissolve greases and fats in our ovens, one can assume that lipids dissolve in bases.

Does not dissolve in water?

Lipids for one do not dissolve in water.

What is the function of chloroform in DNA extraction?

It solubalize lipids and protiens to remove them from DNA

What will lipids dissolve in if the can't dissolve in water?

Fats and oils.

Why do alcohols dissolve in concentrated HCl?

similar intermolecuar bonds.