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Alligators have see-through eye lids, so this eye-lid is water proof as well.

alligators can see under water because they have two layers of skinn on there eyes

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Can alligators see under water?

no, they can't they only smell Nothing else but smell they cant see

How are alligators able to see under water?

because they have tiny slits like googles over their eyes

Do alligators have a den?

Alligators usually have an under water place to lay up, or a hole under a river bank.

How do American alligators see in the water?


Does an alligator give a warning?

No. But if you look closely, you can see alligators because they hide only slightly under the surface of the water.

How are alligators able to keep there eyes out of the water?

Alligators have see-through eyelids, so they can close their eyes and still see.

How are American alligators eyes adapted for seeing in water?

It has a third eye lid. This enables it to see clearly when under water and protects it from dirt and sand

How long can alligators breathe under water?

Alligators can't breathe under water at all. When they dive, they hold their breath.

How do alligators caimans and crocodiles breathe under water?

Alligators, caimans and Crocodiles all have lungs. As such, they don't breathe under water. When they dive, they hold their breath - which they're quite good at.

How are north American alligators eyes adapted for seeing in water?

north American aligators can see under water because the have an amazing eye sight know matter what

Can alligators see out of water?

Yes they can, they have very good eyesight.

Do alligators come out of water in cold weather?

alligators can't breath under water. they have lungs. so yes they do come out of the water when its cold. it's just common scene.

Do alligators eat under water?

Of course they do. Fish and crabs are underwater...

Do aligators have gills?

No, when alligators go under water, they are holding their breath.

How do alligators stay under water for so long?

they have spechial nostrils

Do alligators swim in a zig zag?

Not usually, no. When hunting, alligators submerge themselves under the water, and then launch theirself into their enemy. hope that helped :)

How do alligators breathe on land and under water?

On land, they use lungs, pretty much just like you and I. Under water, they hold their breath.

What are American alligators adaptations?

They have 3 sets of eyelids to help them see under water without hurting their eyes. They also have a flap in their throat so they can open their mouth under water and eat food without getting water in their throat. Last, they have flaps on their nostrils that help them go under water and not get water in their nose.

Do alligators all like water?

Alligators and crocodiles all live in the water. They are large animals, and the water helps support their weight. Also, they are predators. Both animals hide under the water and leap out to catch their prey.

What organ does an alligator use to breathe under water?

Alligators don't breathe under water. They hold their breath and can hold it for up to 15 minutes.

Do alligators drink water?

Yes indeed all alligators drink water.

Can alligators bite under water?

Yes, they can. How else do you think they could kill prey underwater?

How do alligators eat under water without getting water into their lungs?

They have a special flap that closes off the airway when they swallow.

Why do alligators live by water?

Alligators are amphibious animals and need to spend time in the water.

How does the alligater eat under water?

Alligators and crocodiles have a special flap in their throats that keeps them from swallowing or inhaling water when they take a bite.

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