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competition, predator/prey,symbiotic relationships,coevolution

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Which animals can communicate?

All animals communicate in one way or another.All animals communicate in one way or another.All animals communicate in one way or another.All animals communicate in one way or another.All animals communicate in one way or another.All animals communicate in one way or another.

Do seahorses talk?

No. They are animals and animals do not talk, but they do communicate with one another.

Is it possible for animals communicate with one another?

Yes. Many do. After all we are animals.

Can sharks communicate?

All animals communicate to one another is some way. Sharks mainly communicate is the way they swim, how their movements are articulated, for example, when they are preparing to attack, they circle.

How do leopards communicate to one another?

They communicate through scents (they're solitary animals and leave markings throught their territory), body language and vocalisations when there is an encounter.

Can animals communicate with other animals?

they can communicate with the same animals they are. some can communicate with others.

Do animals communicate?

yes but in different ways one example are crickets to communicate they chirp

How do squids communicate?

Squid to no make noises like other animals, even when communicating with one another. Instead, they use their ability to change color and other chemical signals to communicate.

What animals use sound?

All animals use sound! All animals use sound to communicate to one another. Prarie dogs, whales, monkeys, lemurs, and many more animals use sound.

How do Venus Flytraps communicate?

Plants cannot communicate with one another.

Cells communicate with one another via?

Cells in the body communicate with one another via signal transduction pathways. A cell needs to communicate with other cells to survive.

Farm animals and their animal sounds?

all animals make a sound.a dog barks woof woof. a cat miows. a cow moos. sheep bleat baaa baaa it is the way that they communicate to one another as we talk in our language to one another. it is like there own language such as France speaks french and England speaks English it is just the way they communicate.

How do polar bears communicate with one another?

Polar Bear communicate with one another by making noises and by sign language. Polar Bears will touch or nudge each other on the face to communicate.

How do computer communicate with one another?


Reasons why animals communicate?

Animals communicate using sight, smell and sound.They might communicate to...Find a mateExpress feelings happiness, anger, playfulness, fear, and other emotionsTo tell another animals where they areTo tell other animals to stay away from their territoryTo warn othersTo show submissionTo assert dominance

How do ant communicate with one another?

They communicate with each other by touching their antennae with one another. If red ants come upon another ant they do so to tell if they are from the same nest.

Can polar bears communicate with other animals?

Yes all animals can communicate

What are the two ways animals communicate?

Animals can communicate using both visual and verbal cues...they can also communicate chemically.

How do turkeys communicate?

they gobble or call one another

How do orangutans talk to one another?

they grunt to communicate

How do penguins communicate with one another?

morse code.

Why do animals need to use sounds to communicate?

So they can communicate to other animals and to predates

How do wolves communicate with one another?

a wolf communicates with one another with it's spine tingling howl

How did Chinese people communicate before telephone was invented?

They used smoke signals to communicate with one another.

How do we communicate using sound waves?

We communicate using sound waves by talking and listening to one another!

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