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a moses sole has a adaptation that when a predator takes a bite out of it the moses sole releases a foul odor that scares the predator away.

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Do animals have pain when being eaten?

No they are dead.

Why do seeds have a thick coat?

to be protected from being eaten by animals

How do things become extinct?

Animals become extinct in many ways. One way is that that animals food was being eaten and there wouldn't be enough of that food left for it. Another, is that that animal is being eaten by other animals and it is being wiped off the face of the earth.

What is mimcry?

The ability for some animals to look like other animals to avoid being eaten.

Do leaves protect plants from being eaten by hungry animals?


How does a cactus avoid being eaten by animals?

it has thorns and it is very bitter

How do animals use adaptations to avoid being eaten?

Some animals have stings so if they are being attacked they can sting the predator and chase them away.

What is coprography?

i think it is the study of animal droppings being eaten by other animals

How do animals in coral reefs avoid being eaten?

they can either run or hide .

What are the thorns on branches needed for?

They protect the plant from being eaten by certain animals.

Desert tortoises are eaten by what animals?

they are eaten by bigger and stronger animals

How do tigers avoid being eaten?

As simple show of ferocity usually does the trick!

Why do warning colours prevent some animals being eaten?

Warning colors prevent some animals from being eaten because their bright colors serve as a warning. The colors signify to predators that eating the animal will cause them to become ill or hurt.

Does a predator eat other animals in the food chain?

Yes, and the prey is the thing being eaten.

Why do roses plants have thorns on the stem?

It prevents the plants from being eaten by animals. Plants that are not eaten have a better chance of living to produce more plants- that have thorns.

Is eating meat good for the animals?

It is excellent for the animal eating. Not so good for the animal that is being eaten.

Why do they have thisles in the prairis?

thistles stop plants from being eaten by grazing animals, which the plants dont "want".

What kind of adaptation are thorns?

Thorns are a defensive adaptation of plants against being eaten by grazing animals.

Why animals are getting extinct?

Animals are getting extinct because the animals are eating poisionious foods, getting eaten by predators, becoming ill, and being shot or killed, or etc.

What are dead animals are eaten by?

">Dead animals are eaten by detrivores such as worms, snails, dung flies and vultures.

Can species bred in captivity be saved from extinction?

By being bred in captivity it eliminates the animals from being eaten by natural predators. We take animals into captivity to prevent extinction by eliminating factors of death.

What do you call animals which are eaten by other animals?


How can recycling help the ocean?

It keeps harmful materials (ex. plastics) from getting into the ocean, and being eaten by the animals.

Why are deer spooky?

Deer are prey animals. They must be alert and "spooky" at all times to avoid being eaten.

What is an animals food chain?

A food chain is a series of relationships where one being feeds off another. Some insects are eaten by birds, which are eaten by small predators, which are in turn eaten by larger predators.

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