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How do animals help the rainforest?

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Animals are part of any and every ecosystem. As humans and animals breath in oxygen and breathe out carbon dioxide, plants take in carbon dioxide and put out oxygen. The answer to the question is yes, animals do help the rain forest. We are all part of a cycle where each needs the next to survive.

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Why are toucans important to the rainforest?

To help other animals

How does recycling help the rainforest?

recycling can help the rainforest by giving healthy foods to the animals and providing them non toxic water.

Do the animals in rainforest help each other out?

Yes they do. They don't even know they help each other out themselves! They are all part of the food chain.

How does the soil affect the animals at rainforest?

they help hide food

What are all the animals in rainforest?

rainforest animals

How does the Rainforest help animals survive?

For species that live in the rainforest, it provides food, shelter, protection from predators, and a place to raise young. In short, for the animals that live in the rainforest, it provides everything they need.

Is there a lot of animals in the rainforest?

there are millions of animals in the rainforest

What do Amazon rainforest animals eat?

Herbivorous rainforest animals dine on leaves, grasses, bark, and other vegetable matter. Carnivorous rainforest animals eat other rainforest animals.

What did the amazon natives do to help the rainforest?

protect it, make medicen, look after the animals there

Where do animals in a rainforest live?

in the rainforest

How many animals live in the rainforest?

there are 3000 animals live in the rainforest

What animals are there in the Amazon rainforest?

there are many animals in the rainforest like monkeys..

What animals in the tropical rainforest eat lizards?

what animals in lizards in the rainforest

How many animals die in the rainforest each the rainforest?

how many animals die in the rainforest each year

How can you conserve the rainforest?

help look after the animals and plant new trees after you cut them down

How can you help save rainforest?

most people say you can help it by burning it too bits and all of the animals and i highly agree with them.

What is a website to find rainforest animals?

Check the related link for a website with rainforest animals.

How do ocelots help the rainforest?

By keeping the numbers of small animals in check, to make for a healthy biodiversity.

Extinct rainforest animals?

people are destroying the rainforest.

Where do rainforest wolves live?

Wolves are not rainforest animals.

Do rainforest jaguars eat rainforest animals?

Yes, they do.

How many animals have died in the rainforest?

There are millions and billions of animals that have died in the rainforest. Most of these animals have died of natural causes.

Why does rainforest have so many plants and animals?

Rainforest have so many plants and animals because they help each other out and thrive to survive. Such as a plant has seeds like thorns, and when an animal runs past the seed can get on the animals fur, and as the animal runs the seeds can fall off so the seeds now have a place to grow. That is how the animals help the plants, and the plants help the animals for needs such as food, or shelter(from weather and/or hunters.

How many animals die yearly in the rainforest?

About 1.9 million animals die yearly in the rainforest

What type of animals live in the rainforest?

In the rainforest,there are zillions of animals. Animals native to the rainforest include: sloths, macaws, snakes, beetles, butterflies, frogs, orangutans, lizards and parrots.