How do animals survive?

Animals can survive by finding food and being autotroph or heterotroph. They mate and reproduce, as well as become better hunters.

Many animals have different ways to "survive." They all have different features to defend themselves from predators.

Some Stick bugs, or "walking sticks" squirt out sticky liquid to make the predators attacking them run away. Some also have spiky needle-like things on their back, which is not fun for the predator trying to eat them!

A lot of butterflies have unusual markings on their wings that can look like eyes. the butterflies spread their wings and show the markings, scaring the predators for a moment, giving them time to fly away.

Penguins are very fast in the water, and they can make a quick getaway from hungry sea lions trying to eat them.

But my favorite technique is the ostrich's technique. They stick their heads in little holes in the ground, because they think that if they can't see you, then you can't see them. Eventually, if you get too close, though, they just run away with their long legs. It's quite funny!
by drinking water and eating