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Animals do not survive in Antarctica: it's too cold to support any kind of food chain. Sea animals live in the oceans around Antarctica: it is their native habitat.

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Q: How do animals survive on antarctica?
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Why are there no animals in Antarctica?

Antarctica is too cold for animals to survive and there is no food chain for them there.

How do plants animals and people survive in Antarctica?

Animals survive in Antarctica by adapting to the harsh climate. There is not any claim life in Antarctica during the winter months.

Which animals survive in Antarctica?

Emperor penguins are very prevalent in Antarctica.

How do animals survive in antarctica?

They adapt to the conditions

How do krill survive in antarctica?

Krill are sea animals -- Antarctica is a continent. Krill survive in the Southern Ocean that surrounds Antarctica, because it is their natural environment.

What animals cant survive in Antarctica?

It's too cold in Antarctica to support any kind of food chain for animals.

How do whales survive in the Antarctica?

Whales are sea animals and Antarctica is a continent. Whales survive in the Southern Ocean -- which surrounds Antarctica -- because it is their natural habitat when the ocean is free of ice.

How does an orca survive the climate of antarctica?

Orca are sea animals and survive in water -- anywhere they in the world.

Suggest how Antarctica could be protected?

by people helping the animals to survive.

How do the animals in Antarctica survive in the cold climate?

i guess that they adapt to the climate

Why do animals need ice to survive on in Antarctica?

polar bears and penguinsAnother AnswerNo animals live on Antarctica. Sea animals, however, to visit Antarctica beaches to breed, because there are no land predators on the continent. (There are no polar bears on Antarctica.)

How do Ice fish survive in Antarctica?

Antarctica is a continent. Fish are sea animals. The Southern Ocean habitat -- that surrounds the Antarctic continent -- is native to fish that survive and thrive there.

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