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Antibacterial cleaners

By destroying the bacteria cells

And also by killing the dirtyness in and out of the skin

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Q: How do antibacterial cleaners kill bacteria?
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Do household chemicals kill bacteria or simply inhibit its growth?

Antibacterial household chemicals kill bacteria. They limit their growth by reducing the population. Some natural cleaners such salt also have antibacterial qualities.

What is the difference between hand sanitizer and and antibacterial cleaners?

Well its simple really, hand sanitizer sanitizes the hand, and antibacterial cleaners clean your hands and go against bacteria.

Does antibacterial spray kill bacteria?

Ues beacuse it the spray contains Antibacterial components.

Can honey kill good bacteria in yogurt?

Yes, it has antibacterial properties and will kill a certain amount of the bacteria

What part of speech is antibacterial?

The word antibacterial can be an adjective and a noun. The adjective form means to be killing bacteria. The noun form is a drug that can kill bacteria.

What do you call a chemical that can kill bacteria wthout harming us?

It is called antibiotic or antibacterial drug.

What is the medical term meaning to kill disease-causing bacteria?


How do antibacterial drugs become ineffective over time?

Some bacteria get used to the drugs, and they no longer kill bacteria.

What bacteria does antibacterial soap kill?

Check the labels of the soap box thingy :P

Does NaCl kill bacteria?

Yes, sodium chloride is a very strong antibacterial agent.

Does coconut oil kill intestinal worms?

Yes,it kill worms.coconut oil can also be used to kill H.pylori bacteria and this oil is antibacterial.

Kitchen Surface cleaners claim to kill 99.9 of bacteria so how many harmful bacteria does this leave?


What compounds kill bacteria cells and some viruses on the skin?

Antibacterial ointments, like Neosporin.

Does antibacterial sanitizer kill the Ebola virus on hands or other surfaces?

No. It is not a bacteria and it is not affected by antibiotics.

What is the difference between antibacterial and antibiotic?

They are similar terms, but in use, antibacterials are used to kill bacteria outside the human body while antibiotics are used to kill bacteria on the inside.

Does antibacterial soap or antibacterial sanitizers kill more bacteria?

Actually, antibacterial soap and antibacterial sanitizers usually do about the same job on bacteria, killing roughly 99.99% of germs. But if its a question of which should you rather use, I would choose sanitizers because soap leaves nasty residue called soap scum which can make your hands feel greasy and disgusting:(

What is the definition of antibacterial activity?

drugs or compounds which are having the ability to inhibit the growth of bacteria or kill the bacterial species

Which antibacterial hand soap kills the most bacteria?

i think that the antibacterial soap that kills the most bacteria is dial soap.

Should you wash your hands with antibacterial soap?

There are arguments for, and arguments against washing with an antibacterial. One group says that it kills all the germs on your hands, which must be good. The other group says that it doesn't kill all the bacteria, and that by washing, a person cannot kill all the bacteria, so those bacteria that survive make more bacteria like themselves that are very resistant to the antibacterial. The point is to wash off bacteria with hand soap, I think, so they aren't as easily transported to your nose or eyes, which are very susceptible to infection.

How much foam soap is necessary to kill bacteria?

Generally speaking, soap does not kill bacteria, it assists in washing them away. However, if the soap contains antibacterial agents that are effective against the particular kind of bacteria, it should take very little.

What means bacteria free?


What non-toxic household cleaners do not kill probiotics also known as good bacteria?

white vinegar

Can you kill germs with antibacterial soap?

Yes, that is the purpose of antibacterial soap.

What is the difference between antibiotic antiseptic and antibacterial?

I would start by breaking each word down. Antibiotic: anti = against, biotic = living organism. So something that is against living organisms. Antiseptic: anti = against, septic (or sepsis) = infection caused by virus/bacteria. So antiseptic (antisepsis) = against something that causes infection by virus/bacteria. Antibacterial: Anti = against, bacterial = bacteria. So against bacteria. To make it simple, antibiotics are substances or compounds that are used in the body to kill or inhibit the growth of microorganisms; antiseptics are used on the body to kill or inhibit the growth of microorganisms; antibacterial agents are antiseptics that only kill bacteria.

Is antibacterial soap better than regular soap?

Supposedly, yes, but antibacterial soap has to stay on your hands for at least a minute. If it doesn't, it will only kill the weaker bacteria and still leave the worst germs on your skin.