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How do application programs transfer in and out of RAM on the PalmOS?

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Under PalmOS, applications that are installed in RAM get run directly from there. Applications stored on a memory card are copied into RAM by the OS, then are run as a RAM application would.

2006-08-17 16:29:12
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Five steps how applications programs transfer in and out of ram?

4. List five steps, how application programs transfer in and out of RAM.

What are the steps in which application programs transfer in and out of the RAM?


What is the transfer rate of FPM-Ram?

The transfer rate of Fpm is 320MBps.

What part that holds the programs application data and interrupt service routines when they are being executed?

When programs' application data and interrupt service routines are being executed they are held in a computer's main memory. The largest component of main memory is RAM.

Does deleting programs give you back ram?

No. Programs, when not running, only occupy space on your hard drive, not RAM. Only reducing the number of programs running will increase the amount of available RAM.

Where is the transfer case control module for a 1999 dodge ram?

A 1999 Ram does not have a transfer case control module.

Can RAM hold multiple programs at once?

Of course, but this will depend on how much RAM you have and how big the programs you are using are. Obviously bigger programs such as Video editing will take up more RAM to have it running. If you overdo it though and use most of your RAM up with many programs at once you will notice a slow down in your computer speed. There are many different sizes of RAM that you can buy to be able to run whatever programs you need

What type transfer case fluid for 2004 dodge ram 3500?

The transfer case on a 2004 Ram uses ATF+4.

Where is the Location of transfer case control module for 1995 dodge ram 1500?

A 1995 Dodge Ram does not have a transfer case control module. The transfer case is mechanically controlled.

What fluid goes in a 2002 Dodge Ram transfer case?

A 2002 Ram transfer case uses ATF+4 transmission fluid.

If you have 1Gb of ram on put a 1Gb program on it is your ram gone?

When you install programs they go on your hardrive not your RAM. So the answer is no.

What storage device typically has the fastest transfer rate?

RAM (Random Access Memory) storage devices typically has the fastest transfer rate.

How do programs transfer in and out of RAM?

Through SWAPPING concept, by exchanging data within it with others ans PAGING(DEMAND PAGING) and also the STACK's concept with priority algorithms. Annapurna

When the electrical power is disrupted or cut off data and programs are lost in?


Does your computer have to have RAM?

Yes, RAM is important because it eliminates the need to "swap" programs in and out.

Do you lose everything when you upgrade ram on laptop?

RAM, No. HDD, Yes, Unless you transfer it of course

Where does the system swap programs from RAM to when the PC starts running out of real RAM?

Page file

What does excessive disk thrashing indicate?

You don't have enough RAM.Thrashing is the Operating Systems way of allowing programs larger than can fit in RAM function. It does this by temporarily swapping portions of programs, or entire programs in and out of RAM.Since programs can only run from RAM, when an OS switches between programs, and there isn't enough RAM, it has to grab programs from memory and put them into ROM. And the program needing to run in ROM has to be loaded in RAM.Another solution is to have a RAM Disk (hard to find and expensive, currently DDR2 of 2012) or Solid State Hard Drive. Thrashing still occurs. But thrashing becomes fast enough that it is not very noticeable. It does cause wear on the Solid State Hard Drive.

When youre working with a file and using application software the application is temporarily stored in?

d. RAM

Do you get all your ram back if you restart your Computer?

Your RAM does not go anywhere, but is only used by programs. As you close programs, the ram the programs was using becomes available again. If your computer is running slow, try cutting off or uninstalling unneeded programs. The more you have running at any given time the slower your computer will be. If the programs that use up all your ram are on your startup list go to < Start - All Programs - Startup > and remove the programs that you do not want starting with windows. They will still be on your computer so if your have no need of them at all, uninstall them to help increase speed.

What stores data and programs while you are using them?


Explain the use of primary memory in computer?

Primary memory in the computer is used to hold programs' application data while it is being processed by the CPU. Primary memory is chiefly comprised of RAM.

Can you transfer a used 512mb memory block from your old computer to your new computer?

If you mean RAM. then you may transfer it, but the new motherboard must support the same type of RAM.

The more RAM on your computer the faster the computer will respond when you multitask or run large programs?

Yes. All programs, even the operating system, require a certain amount of RAM to run smoothly on your computer. So the more RAM you have, the smoother your computer will run with multi-tasks and large programs.

Does ram contain instructions for basic computer operations?

No. RAM is a volatile memory storage used for the temporary storage of programs and the data associated with the programs. Computers use RAM to speed up the loading times of programs because retrieving a program from the hard drive is significantly much slower.