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In 90 percent of avalanche fatalities, the avalanche is triggered by the weight of the victim, or someone in the victim's party. Natural avalanches occur because new or windblown snow overloads weak layers of snow, or because of rapid warming, but there's almost always obvious signs of instability by the time avalanches come down on their own.

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  • When too much snow builds up, and there is too much vibration, an avalanche occurs.
  • They happen by vibration.
  • An avalanche is a natural process in which snow responds to the pull of gravity.
  • When snow falls, its own weight causes it to melt and refreeze, therefore bonding the crystals together. This is how a glacier is formed. But, if the climate is unusually warm, or the snow has no time to melt, the bond is weak. This area of weak snow is very unstable. When a skier yells, or when a person is just too heavy, he displaces a small amount of snow. This causes (mind the pun) a "snow ball effect". One ounce of weak snow moves. This allows another few ounces to move, which in turn, causes the whole area of weak snow to start falling down the mountain. All this happens verry quickly, but can be prevented.
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Q: How do avalanches happen?
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Where in the world do avalanches occur?

Avalanches happen all over the world.

How many avalanches happen in one year?

in one year in north America over 100,000 avalanches happen each year

Avalanches where happen?

capped snow mountains

What countries do Avalanches happen the most?


Do avalanches happen on mount Whitney?

yess it does

What are the causes and effects of avalanches?

AnswerAvalanches happen becaause of movement and loud noises. It happens when there is a fresh snowfalll.

When did a avalanche happen?

There are many avalanches every year

Where do avalanches happen the most in the US?

North America

When does the biggest avalanche happenz?

Nobody can predict when avalanches happen.

Where do avalanches mostly happen and why?

Avalanches occur on all steep mountain sides or hill sides because gravity pulls snow down.

How often do avalanches happen in the Swiss Alps?

Every 48 hours

When does avalanches happen?

When there's snow at a right angle a avalanche can occur

How many avalanches happen a year on mt Everest?

every 48 hours

Are avalanches predictable?

Kinda. We know what conditions they need and can say when they are likely to happen but we cannot say that it definitely will or will not happen.

Can avalanches happen anytime during the year?

it can happen when there is very Strong wind that's what Ive been told

How do you predict avalanches?

you preidict avalanches because they are avalanches

How many avalanches have occurred on Mount Everest since 2004?

This is impossible to answer. Many avalanches on Mount Everest happen outside of the climbing season so no one can record it.

When do avalanches take place?

Most AVALANCHES happen during late winter or early spring but, There are AVALANCHES in the winter especially right after a storm like for example, if there is a storm and it climbs over a cliff and someone walks on it an AVALANCHE will occurYour welcome for the anwser :)

How many avalanches does mount everest have each year?

Impossible to say. Only the big near miss avalanches get seen on the news etc. Avalanches big or small happen all the time, some are seen and others go un-noticed.

Where avalanches happen?

we combine our power to make a spirt bomb then the big bang attack

What kind of natural disasters can happen in antarctica?

Avalanches, blizzards, high winds, storms

When the tectonic plates move what happens?

Earthquakes.... Volcanoes..... Tsunamis..... Landslides.... Avalanches can happen

How many avalanches have fallen on mount Everest?

It is impossible to say how many avalanches have fallen on Mount Everest. An avalanche can happen at any moment during the day or night and many are not seen.

Why do avalanches occur?

Avalanches occur when a large amount of snow and ice or rock falls suddenly down a mountainside. There are slab (or wet) avalanches and powder snow (or dry) avalanches. They usually happen after storms and are caused by weak layers of snow being unable to support the weight of the snow above it and the overlying snow cracks and breaks away.

In the Swiss alps how many times a year dos an avalanche happen?

There are 100,00 avalanches a year.