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The same way everyone else does....

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Q: How do avatars mate?
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Can you make avatars on PS3?

No, there is a list of avatars you have to use.

What is a website for kids with avatars?

fantage! it has avatars and chat.

Are there avatars on chat sites?

HAbbo and There have avatars and horseland and howrse. you can chat by writing stuff in the box iddin has avatars

Can you get avatars on your message board?

No there are no avatars for message boards yet

How do you get secret avatars on Neopets?

go to and they have cheats for getting avatars.

What are the seven avatars?

What do you mean seven avatars? there were thousands before aang. in the episode The Southern Air Temple you see the room with all the avatars

Which season of the CHARMED is with the Avatars?

the season of charmed with avatars is season 7 or 8

Where can you get Manga Avatars?

Gaia Online has some pretty good manga avatars

Is Club Penguin's avatars actually penguins?

All the avatars are penguins. The only avatars that are not penguins could be Sensei, Rockhopper, or Agent G. They are computerized avatars any other penguin that you can chat to is a person play the penguin not computerized.

How do you make avatars on AOL?

Requirement for AOL Avatars are 50x50 diemension and 7KB in size. Website below to help you make. You can also google for plenty of Avatars.

What are avatars before yangshen?

her name is Yangchen and we dont get told the avatars before Yangchen

How do you get free avatars for Naruto Arena?

You don't.You can get free avatars at,,Etc

What do you call a bunch of Avatars running down a hill?

A flood. This is for the blue avatars from Pandora.

How do you get the avatars on Skype?


What chat sites have avatars?

HAbbo and There have avatars and horseland and howrse. you can chat by writing stuff in the box

What are the ratings and certificates for Avatars - 2001?

Avatars - 2001 is rated/received certificates of: France:U

What are some good furry online worlds?

theirs imvu you can be a furry in there and for more childish one is amazing world.

Where do you get avatars for naruto arena?

The avatars have to be 75x75 you can ask in the forum for one, it is free, or you can make one yourself.

How do you get avatars on Maplestory?

You can't get avatars on maplestory, but you can use bannedstory (see to create a maplestory avatar.

What makes avatars blue?

what makes humens are colors? its just like the Avatars. that's just what color they are.

Who are Shiva's avatars?


Do you have to pay for poptropica avatars?


Why ganesh not worshipped by vaishnavas?

Probably because Vaishnavas only worship Vishnu & his avatars, & Ganesh is not one of his avatars.

What are the names of the Avatars?

Navi is the name of the avatarsavatar is a film worldwide produced in 2009 ranked 10th postsion

Where can you find free Pokemon Avatars?

These 2 are the best, .