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How do babies grow up on Sims 2?


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With the Sims 2, after you have your little bundle of joy, it will remain a baby for about two days, you will get a warning that they will grow up in one day, You can wait one more day, and the baby will be grown up by a teen, adult, or elder Sim (they will toss the baby in the air and it will be a toddler when it comes back down). Or you can buy a birthday cake and instruct a teen, adult or elder Sims to bring baby to cake, the baby will grow up into a toddler.

When in the neighbourhood view, open the cheat window

ctrl + shift + C

and type in

boolprop testingcheatsenabled true

enter the house you would like to play and shift click on a Sim (after typing control shift c boolprop testingcheatsenabled true)

A pie menu should appear and then go to the selection "spawn" and then "tombstone of L & D"

A tombstone will appear next to the Sim Then you can click on the tombstone and find the selection "AGE baby" and then choose the baby you would like to age.

Another method is to select a random Sim(after entering boolprop testingcheatsenabled true) and then shift click on the baby, and select "make un-selectable" and then shift click the baby again and select the option "make SELECTABLE". Select the baby as the active player and select the baby and then click grow up, if it is not available, shift click the baby and find the option "set to birthday" and try again. There are also some hacked objects you can download that can be used to age a baby, such as a birthday cake that can be used even if it's not the sim's birthday.


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