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How do banks generate revenue?


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The primary way is through lending money to their customers. A second way would be to issue bonds. A third way would be to sell stock


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Banks also generate revenue from such services as asset management, investment sales, and mortgage loan maintenance

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All banks earn a revenue by lending money. Banks make profit and generate revenue by two ways:By charging you a fee for the services they provide youBy lending the money you have deposited into your account, to other loan customers and getting an interest on the same.Interest income is the highest revenue and profit generator for any bank.

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Investment banks generate revenue for the financial services they provide to their customers by means of fee, commission, brokerage etc. for every service a customer gets out of an investment bank, he/she is charged a fee based on the type of service and the amount that is being transacted. So the more customers they have and more business they make, the more revenue they generate.

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_____ measure how effectively a firm manages assets to generate revenue.

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It earns through the advertising- supported revenue model

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