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How do bettas have babies?


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April 18, 2009 2:09AM

Bettas are fun and educational to breed. One must have a male and a female, and they are easy to tell apart (the female has short fins and dull color, and the male has long fins and bright color). The fish need to be well-fed, and the tank needs to be big enough so they're not crowded until they FEEEEEL like gettin' it together, hm. The water needs to be about 78-82 degrees. With the above in mind, the process is as follows: The male will 'build a bubble nest'...that is to say, he will blow bubbles at the top of the water and stick them together and blow MORE bubbles until he has a mass of bubbles which is, like, a couple inches around and a half-or-three-quarter inch thick. Then he will Show Out in a Big Way for the female, to get her to come over and Visit his nest. And if she is well-fed and full of eggs, and if he is Cute....she will come. Next he will bend his body around hers...she will let out eggs, and he will let out milt (which is the Fish Name for sperm, eh). The eggs and milt will float upwards into the bubbles, and Combine to become Fertilized Eggs. After that, the male is done with the female and will chase her away. You should take her out of the tank, unless it is a large tank. The male will tend the nest and the eggs in a V. Dedicated Fashion. In a few days, the eggs will hatch. But they won't be able to swim just yet, so the male will continue to take care of them by taking them in his mouth when they fall out and spitting them back up into the nest. In a couple more days, the baby fish will be able to swim on their own. The male will herd them around for a couple days and Protect them...but then he will lose interest and leave them to fend for themselves. You can take the male out, too, because after he begins to lose interest, it is possible that he will start Eating accident. Fish are not all *that* smart, see. But as fish go, the male Betta is a very good parent! Most fish just spew their eggs anywhere and go on about their fishy business right away.