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because when somebody is born it effects it and it will increase in size. More people are in the world than Eva before. As more people come into this world it effects it. If somebody dies then the population will greatly decrease.

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The components of Demography are :- Fertility Mortality Migration

birth rate & death rate,fertility rate.

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Birth control does not affect fertility. Sexually transmitted infections like chlamydia can affect your fertility, so be sure to take precautions against infection, like using condoms and getting tested, if your fertility is important to you.

The combined hormonal birth control pill reduces fertility (prevents pregnancy) while you're on it. It does not affect future fertility.

The birth control patch does not affect future fertility. People become pregnancy at the same rate after patch use as those who never used the patch or hormonal birth control.

There are 4 factors that affect the size of a population:1) Natality - birth2) Mortality - death3) Immigration - migration into the population4) Emigration - migration out of itTherefore the 2 ways organisms can join a population would be Natality and Immigration.

birth, death and migration are the factors of population change

As of 2011, the birth rate of the Philippines (per month) is about 212,154. Please note that this does not majorly affect the population as death rate, migration rate, etc. all affect population and birth rates. The death rate (per month) is about 42,430. The net migration rate (per month) is about -11,032. This actually ends up resulting in an addition of about 158,692 Filipinos monthly.

There is no proof that birth control has a long term affect on being pregnant.

Birth rate,Death ratemigration

Birth Rates, Death Rate, Fertility Rates, that kind of things

Stan Becker has written: 'Determinants of natural fertility in Matlab, Bangladesh' -- subject(s): Birth intervals, Human Fertility, Population 'Population Is People'

Yes, it affects both fertility and natural hormone levels while you are taking it.

Yes, that is what the birth control is designed to do. It does not affect future fertility after you stop the pill.

Only in rare cases. But for most women, the patch won't affect you permanently.

Population is affected by birth rate, death rate and migration.

The population pyramid, death rate, birth rate, mortality rate, and fertility rate.

Yes, missing birth control pills increases the likelihood of getting pregnant.

Harriet B. Presser has written: 'Sterilization and fertility decline in Puerto Rico' -- subject(s): Birth control, Human Fertility, Population, Sterilization (Birth control)

The density dependent factor refers to the factors that affect the size or growth of a given population density. The factors also affect the mortality rate and the birth rate of a population. Some of the density dependent factors are disease, parasitism, availability of food and migration.

Birth control pills have hormones because hormones are the chemicals that affect ovulation and other aspects of fertility in the female body.

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