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How do blood cells fight disease?

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White blood cells fight disease; there are several types of white blood cell, but all come under the umbrella term of 'leukocytes'. Each type of leukocyte works on a different threat, or in a different way, but one type chemically poisons bacteria to kill them, & another type wraps itself around a bacteria & carries it away in the bloodstream.


Sorry to disagree, but not all white blood cells are leukocytes. Leukocytes are B-cell, T-cell, and Natural Killer cells which are involved in acquired immunity (you develop it after being born).

Macrophages, mast cells, neutrophils, oesinophils, and basophils are phagocytes (innate immunity-you are born with them), which engulf the pathogen and either kill it right away or signal to leukocytes that a pathogen is present (antigen presenting cells).

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What are white blood cells?

White blood cells are cells that that fight disease in the body. helps fight diseases White blood cells fight disease in your body.

Blood cells that help the body fight disease?

The white blood cells help the body to fight disease. (-;

What does blood contain that fight disease?

Blood contains white blood cells and antibodies that fight disease,

What is white blood cells?

Blood cells are cells which fight disease in the body.

What kind of blood fight disease?

White Blood cells help fight disease. You can get a type of cancer if you don't have enough white blood cells.

What do our white blood cells do?

White blood cells fight disease

State two ways white blood cells fight disease?

White blood cells fight disease by alerting other blood cells about the disease. Then they basically hook onto the disease until it is surrounded and killed.

What cells that fight disease?

White blood cells

Which component of blood helps fight disease?

The white blood cells (leukocytes) in your blood help to fight off diseases.

What are the cells which fight disease in the body?

These are white blood cells.

These are the cells which fight disease in the body?

white blood cells

What is the name for cells that fight disease?

white blood cells

What blood cells fight disease-causing organisms in the blood?

White Blood Cells

Red blood cells fight disease?

The primary function of red blood cells is not actually to fight diseases. Red blood cells transport oxygen to the different parts of the body. The white blood cells are in charge of disease fighting.

What are the risks of a patient with the least number if white blood cells?

A low amount of white blood cells will cause an increase in illness and disease. This is because white blood cells are used to fight disease and illnesses. Everyday, thousands of bacteria and viruses enter the body and the white blood cells fight the them. With a lower count of white blood cells, you are more susceptible to disease as your body won't be able to fight the disease as efficiently.

Are white blood cells pathogens?

No; a pathogen is an organism that causes disease. White blood cells are a part of our body that fight disease.

Which part of the blood helps to fight disease causing microbes?

The white blood cells

A group of cells tissues and organs that fight disease?

White blood cells

What part of blood helps fight disease and infection?

The white blood cells.

Function of the white blood cells?

the function is to fight a disease

Which phrase does not describes a way the human body responds to fight disease?

because red blood cells are the desceses and white blood cells fight

The chief function of white blood cells is?

to fight off disease

What are cells that fight disease?

Leukocytes or white Blood Corpuscles (WBCs).

What disease will appear if there is an elevation of white blood cells?

White blood cells increase in number to fight an infection or 'disease'. It is part of the body's immune response.

What do white blood cells and red blood cells do?

White blood cells fight off disease and infection. Red blood cells transport oxygen from the lungs to the rest of the body.

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