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How do body kits help your car?

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Most body kits are said to help your vehicle go thru the air better and routes the air either under, or around and past your car so you can go faster, or get better gas mileage. But you need to fidn out what a body kit weighs. Sometimes you end up bolting on more weight and lose the benefit of the kit as far as any horsepower or gas mileage gains. Some kits are made to allow you to put wider tires on your car. Some kits are made to direct air to a cooler or turbo Some kits are made to hold your car down in the rear at high speeds Some kits are made to press your car down as the air flows over it improving adhesion to the road Some kist are just made to make your car look different Some kits are made to make your car look great Some kits are made to make your car look stupid But it's your car............

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Where can one find a new body kit for the car?

New body kits for a car can be found online on websites such as: CarID, Body Kits, Cars Direct, Andys Auto Spot, Car Kit Inc or at a local car repair shop.

How much body kits cost?

Depends on the kit and car.

Where can one purchase car model kits?

Model car kits can be purchased at all kinds of stores. There are special hobby shops that have the model car kits and many chain stores have the kits.

Changing mirage body kits?

search for ACCOLADE mirage body kits, ACCOLADE has many mirage body kits to change and modify.

Where can one purchase reasonably priced car body kits?

One can purchase reasonably priced car body kits at CarsDirect, Amazon, AndysAutoSport, LSHBodyKits or AutoAnything. It could be worth spending some time evaluating different options to get the most reasonable price.

Where can one buy body kits for cars?

It is easy and safe to buy online the body kits and accessories for a car. You will get a 5g Camaro at the best price. Visit us : 5g Camaro

Are car body kits worth it?

only if you like cars and want it to look good .. i want one

What is contained in car emergency kits?

There are many things contained in car emergency kits. Examples of items contained in car emergency kits include flashlights, blankets, food, and money.

How can you modify a car?

The two main ways to mod a car are to redo the engine or to redo the body. Body kits from custom shops can be attached to the car and welded in. Some custom parts include spoilers and bumpers.

What companies offer aftermarket ipod car kits?

There are several companies that offer these kits. One obvious company that sells them is Apple. Other companies that offer these kits are Amazon and I Car Kits.

Where do I find automotive tools?

Halfords is a good first stop for handy tools to have in the car, as they provide all sorts of kits, such as breakdown kits, and spare bulb kits. The AA or RAC also provide car kits.

Are there wide body kits available for Mazda rx8?

yes there's one made from apexi body kits

Are there body kits for 89 ford escort lx and where?

There are body kits for the 1989 Ford Escort Lx. The kits are available from most major auto parts stores.

Can you purchase do it yourself kits for car body repair?

Yes you must certainly can, however most kits are made for very tiny and minor repairs. I would not set your standards too high for your outcome, seeing that most afforable kits seem to be almost useless.

Finding Cheap Custom Body Kits For Sale?

A body kit for your car is custom designed to help make your car stand out from the rest. Body kits are features like paint jobs and other customizable pieces to help you make your car unique. You may first want to design a kit that looks right for your car. The last thing you want is for your car to look awkward, or worse, damaged because you made the wrong measurements. Consult a professional to help you in your design work to make sure you are meeting the requirements and you will not damage your car. Graphics and colors come in a wide variety now a days and you can let your imagination take off with this one. Go crazy. Choose the colors and graphics you like and make it yours. Taking your design to a custom modification shop and letting them put their professional touches to your design will help ensure quality and that they’ll be no mistakes. On the other hand, you may have to wait a little longer because they are making something that is not mass produced. If you are an artist, you can save money by looking for designs online and drawing up what you would like. That way, you are not paying for the kit, but for the work done from the professional. If you are not artistically inclined, finding kits online will be a better way to go. Body kits for sale can be found anywhere. eBay can be a great resource for ideas to get your search started. You can also buy kits, but talk to the sellers first. eBay and sites like them have a history of bad sellers and you do not want to get stiffed. Search for body kits for sale and search your car’s model. Manufacturer’s websites are the best way to go because you have a greater chance of getting a customer service department to ask questions if you have concerns. Finding body kits for sale is as easy as searching the internet. You can get ideas for inspiration if you are an artist and save on buying the kit itself.

Where to find car model kits in Dubai?

You can find model car kits at Hamley's toy store. There is a Hamley's at the Dubai Mall in Dubai.

Where can one find more information about handsfree car kits?

One can find out more information regarding handsfree car kits through "Dragon Car Audio & Security". There, the website offers answers towards frequently asked questions about the kits.

From where can one purchase custom Mustang body kits?

One can purchase custom Mustang body kits from the following sources: Laurel Mountain Mustang, American Muscle, Body Kits, Andy Auto Sport, Mustangs To Fear.

How do you kit up your car?

Have to be more specific with the question. If you are speaking of body kits usually they are just screw on or bolt on parts which usually consist of Front bumper, side skirts and rear bumper usually after market body kits they are longer so they make you car seem lower to the ground. Some body kits that are expensive come with after market fenders ect. If you are interested i would recommend andys auto sport . com has biggest selection just to look around at different parts.

Where can one purchase hands free car kits?

There are many places where one could purchase hands free car kits. One could find hands free car kits at most major electronics dealers like Best Buy or Amazon.

How do you get all body kits for burnin' rubber 3?

You complete challenges that unlock body kits, then do daily challenges for a long while

Were can you find body kits for a 85 300zx non-turbo?

Hi, Try one of these or both can help you out.

What are some outlets selling replica antique car body kits?

Some people as a hobby or as a business construct replica cars. Replica cars are cars made at home copying some famous very expensive cars. Body Kits provide all the essentials for that job.

Is there a 1997 Kia Sephia body kit?

there are body kits for all kinds of cars, i have a kia and have found lots of body kits already for mine. i have a 2000. just go to Google and type in kia body kits and lots of things will come up for it. no there isn't not for the 97 which is stupid

Do body kits make cars heavy?

That really depends on what the body kit is made out off. If it is steel or aluminum than less it will add a tad bit of weight to the car but if its made of what most body kits are made from which is carbon fiber than no in most cases it lightens your vehicle little. It all depends on the building materials