How do books get banned?

books are banned by people who seem to think they have a right to decide
how everyone else should live. people who seem to figure that whatever they
think is "correct" and everyone who doesn't agree with them is wrong.
like this message window here that told me i have to turn off my caps lock, as
if they feel "yelled at", and that's not fair.  you know,......liberals.
they will eventually ban air.  i'm not using any caps at all, because that seems to
be "the thing" these days.  i see the spelling corrector actually underlined "i'm",
as if that's wrong.  nothing is ever right to these people.  democrat liberals have
been gradually destroying life for many centuries. that's why books get banned.
in fact, i'm absolutely certain that this will never get past their liberal inspection.
i'm wasting electric ink here. that's ok. they never get it and never will.