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Q: How do bottlenose dolphins protect themselves and their young?
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How do bottlenose dolphines take care of there young from prey?

how do bottlenose dolphins take care of there young

What color are bottlenosed dolphins when young?

blue the bottlenose dolfin is pnk

How do dolphins protect there young?

dolphins make a group called (a pod) to protect there young from enemies

Do baby dolphins have predators?

Yes. Sharks and Orca will take young dolphins. Young dolphins will swim beside their mothers and a pod of dolphins will aggessively protect their young.

Why do dolphins and sharks fight?

To protect their young, or some other dolphins young. Possibly because they just want of protect their pod as well.

How do cats protect their young?

they protect their young by loving them. as what they love themselves. they feed their young.

How do jellyfish protect young from extreme weather?

They don't protect their young they have to do it by themselves

Do dolphins and sharks get along?

No, sharks will try to eat dolphins, but dolphins have been known to fight off sharks to protect their young

Do Bottlenose Dolphins have internal or external fertilisation?

Bottle nose Dolphins are mammals and as such Cary Thieu young until they are mature enough to be born, therefore they must be fertilised internally like all other mammal's.

Do Baby Dolphins Feed Themselves?

Dolphins are aquatic mammals. They give live birth and suckle their young from their mother's milk. They can not feed themselves until the young dolphin has been weaned off milk and is able to eat fish.

How do penguins protect itself and its young?

The parents protect themselves with their heavy coat of feathers. Then they protect their young with the flap of feathers between their legs.

Why are bottlenose dolphins mammals?

Because they have the characteristics of a mammal. Despite looking like a big fish they breathe with lungs, give live birth, and feed their young milk.

How does a jaguar take care of its young?

they teach the jaguar how to protect themselves and when they are 2 they can do it themselves

Do boas protect their young?

No. As with all snakes young boas take care of themselves.

Are dolphines poisonous?

dolphins are not poisonous but can attack you of bump into you really hard to protect itselve and its young

How is a dophin born?

Dolphins are mammals and therefore give birth to live young. The gestation period for bottlenose dolphins is approximately 12 months, and calves are usually born tail first. The birth process can take anywhere from 30 minutes to 3 hours.

What eats bottlenose dolphin?

-Great whit sharks, tiger sharks and bull sharks would sometimes prey on young dolphins. -Full grown dolphins have little fear from other marine creatures. -Killer whale and orca eats bottle nose dolphins. But, infrequently.

How do rabbits protect their young?

Rabbits protect their young by keeping them underground until they are old enough to protect themselves. They will dig a hole and then place grass and hair over the hole.

How many babies can bottlenose dolphins have?

Normally only one at a time. Dolphins virtually never have twins, they nurse their calves anywhere from 3 to 10 years. Since a female dolphin can live to be late 40's, she may have many young throughout her lifetime.

How do dolphins raise their young?

Dolphins are mammals, meaning they nurse their young with milk. So, young dolphins will often stay very close to their mothers while they are fed by their milk. In fact, dolphin calves often stay with their mothers for up to 6 years as they learn necessary survival skills. The maternal instinct in female dolphins can be very prominent, as another dolphin will often help a mother deliver and take care of her baby dolphin for the first few years. On the other hand, fathers are known to eat their own babies in some dolphin species, such as bottlenose dolphins.

Why are there babies born alive?

so when they are born they can protect themselves as young

How do elephants defend themselves?

it uses its trunk to protect itself and their big body to protect its young and its feet to run away.

How do butterflies protect themselves and their young?

Butterflies do nothing to protect their young, who emerge from their cocoons as fully developed adult butterflies. Butterflies protect themselves by fluttering in a rapid and unpredictable manner, some having colors that camouflage them in their environment, and others have bright colors on their wings that indicate that they may be poisonous to predators.

How do wildebeest protect themselves?

Wildebeest use sheer numbers to protect themselves. The will often stampede when threaten but will also stand their ground. They will form a circle around their young with horns out if cornered.

What do lions protect themselves from?

Hyenas are the lions archenemy and they kill each others young.