How do bottlenose dolphins protect themselves from enemies?

Bottle nose dolphins protect themselves by jumping high in the air and confusing predators. They also protect themselves by jamming their noses into things such as sharkks soft bellies..

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They have incredible speed, the jump into the air really high to confuse their predators, and they use their pointed noses to attack if absolutely necessary. -Fire Drill
Bottlenose dolphins in many cases have the advantage of being an apex predator, that is, an animal that is not hunted for food by any other organism in their eco system. In cases where this is not always the case, they survive by defending themselves coordinating with other members of their pod to fight off potential threats. These animals utilize their teeth as their main method of defense.
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By Living in pods.

Which is especially important when killer whales or sharks are nearby. If a shark tries to attack a dolphin in the pod, the other dolphins will circle the shark. Then they swim into the shark's underbelly, striking it with their snouts. A dolphin might also lie calmly in the water, tricking a predator into thinking it is dead. Sharks and killer whales tend to like only fresh meat, so the predator will usually swim past a dolphin playing dead.